Artichoke Chocolate is a quaint chocolaterie located in Miyoshi – a stone’s throw from the Museum of Contemporary Art and a 10 minute walk from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station. Despite the name, the chocolate contains no artichokes (which is a relief as “Artichoke Chocolate” sounds as appealing as “natto ice cream”).

Photo by Gregory Lane

What Artichoke Chocolate does have is a range of beautifully handmade and handcrafted chocolate. There are small squares of chocolate available using cacao beans with various different origins. They’re not cheap at ¥400 but they make an interesting and compact souvenir and you can sample them all before you decide.

Photo by Gregory Lane

One of the most unique things about the store is the display of asparagus next to the door as you enter. Each of these has been created in an asparagus shaped mold and carefully mounted for display. The green asparagus is made from matcha infused chocolate, while the white ones are made from white chocolate.

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All chocolate is made and crafted on premises. In addition to the chocolate for sale, they offer hot and cold chocolate drinks for around ¥500.