Gojōten is a shrine within Ueno Park that dates from 1662. The deities enshrined at Gojōten are Ōkuninushi, Sukunabikona, and Sugawara no Michizane. Therefore the shrine is used by people who are praying for healing and also students hoping to pass exams.

torii tunnel at Gojoten Shrine
Torii tunnel at Gojōten Shrine | Photo by Gregory Lane

The approach from the Ueno Park side has a tunnel of vermillion colored torii gates.

Gojoten Shrine
Gojōten Shrine pathway | Photo by Grgory Lane

The shrine is situated on the side of a hill, with terraces sloping down towards Shinobazu Pond. While Tōshōgū Shrine further to the north is built to impress, Gojōten has a much more relaxing and serene atmosphere — befitting of a place where people come to pray for healing.

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