This Jodo-sect Temple is home to Japan’s tallest wooden statue: the 11-headed Kannon Goddess of Mercy and known for its tree-guarded entrance.

Standing 10 meters (30ft) tall and gilded, the Kannon is an impressive sight and was supposedly originally carved from the same tree as the similar statue in Nara’s Hasedera Temple. The statue is housed in the main hall, and the surrounding grounds are beautiful. The Kannon Museum is next door where you can see treasures such as temple bells, statues and scrolls. Some information is available in English.

Built on the slope of a wooded hill, the temple has a wooden terrace that offers amazing views of Kamakura. The temple entrance is at the bottom of the slope with a pretty, traditional garden, complete with ponds and a small temple hall with a statue dedicated to the Goddess of health and beauty. There is a small cave with other sculptures nearby as well.

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There is also a well-known Hasedera Temple in Nara.