This is an intimate little gallery which can be found just off Roppongi’s main road. Since 1994, Ota Fine Arts has been one of Tokyo’s bastions of cutting-edge contemporary art. It was instrumental in the rise of Yayoi Kusama, the internationally-lauded multimedia Japanese artist, and strives to showcase talented up-and-coming artists, predominantly from Asia. The gallery has moved around a bit over the years, settling in Roppongi in 2011.

Ota’s exhibitions always feel like they’ve been curated with love, with every last detail thought through carefully. Expect to see everything from painting to video art and crafts, with exhibitions featuring Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Iranian artists, among many others. There’s always something new to see.

Note: The gallery is closed for renovations until February, 2018.

While you’re on the art beat in Roppongi, check out the Mori Art Museum too.

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