Pokémon Center TOKYO DX is a large Pokémon Center near Tokyo Station.

What’s special about this Pokémon Center?

It’s a short hop away from Tokyo Station, but this Pokémon Center is enormous and has everything a Pokémon fan needs. Take a snapshot with the Snorlax in a dedicated room, or roam the piles of Pokémon goodies on offer. You don’t even have to leave if you get peckish — this Pokémon center is home to the popular Pokémon café.

Is the Pokémon Center TOKYO DX worth it?

If you’re in the busy shopping district of Ginza, or passing through Tokyo Station, this Pokémon center is right there for you. The statues in the store make for great photo ops, and of course the Pokémon café is practically oozing Instagram snaps and tasty snacks.

How to get there

The closest stations are Tokyo Station (5-minute walk), and Nihonbashi Station (4-minute walk).

Frequently asked questions

What are the ticket prices for the Pokémon Center TOKYO DX?

You don’t need tickets to enter Pokémon Centers, entry is free.

Does it get busy?

Yes, it does. On weekends, holidays, and release days there can be long lines just to enter. We recommend visiting on a weekday if you can.

Where is the Pokémon Center TOKYO DX?

The Pokémon Center TOKYO DX is in the Nihonbashi Takashimaya shopping mall, on the fifth floor.

Are Pokémon Center TOKYO DX prices expensive?

The price for goods are the same across all the Pokémon Centers. Other shops that sell Pokémon goods might be cheaper — or more expensive.

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