Not far from Yokohama Station, Pokémon Center Yokohama promises all kinds of Pokémon goodies.

What’s special about this Pokémon Center?

The convenient location makes this a popular stop for Pokémon fans heading south to Yokohama for a day trip. Since Yokohama is known for being a waterside city, its Pokémon Center is loaded with ocean-themed goodies. Visitors usually want to get a holiday pic with the mounted Kyogre statue that swims over the store, or the sailor Pikachus at the entrance. Not only that, there are also plenty of limited edition items lurking here that can’t be found at other Pokémon centers.

Is the Pokémon Center Yokohama worth it?

If you’re heading down to Yokohama to see Enoshima or head to the beach, this is a convenient way to scratch that Pokémon itch. For the Gen 3 fans, taking a photo with Kyogre should bring back some early Pokémon memories.

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How to get there

The closest station is Yokohama Station, which is on several JR Lines. It’s connected via underground walkway to the Marui City mall which houses the Pokémon center. The walk over takes about 5 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What are the ticket prices for the Pokémon Center Yokohama?

You don’t need tickets to enter Pokémon Centers, entry is free.

Does it get busy?

Yes, it does. On weekends, holidays, and release days there can be long lines just to enter. We recommend visiting on a weekday if you can.

Where is the Pokémon Center Yokohama?

The Pokémon Center Yokohama is in the Marui City Yokohama shopping mall, which is connected by underground walkway to Yokohama Station. It is on the eighth floor.

Are Pokémon Center Yokohama prices expensive?

The price for goods are the same across all the Pokémon Centers. Other shops that sell Pokémon goods might be cheaper — or more expensive.