Super Viva Home is the largest “home center” in central Tokyo, with the widest range of home, interior and garden products inside the Yamanote Line.

The store isn’t just for DIY enthusiasts, they supply wood, materials, paint, piping, light fittings, tools, and equipment to the building trade as well.

The nail that sticks up gets hammered down | Photo by Gregory Lane

For wood, there is a cutting service that will cut your wood to your exact measurements. There is usually a queue for this service, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Despite any language barrier you may have, don’t be afraid to ask—the staff are there to help.

A range of dog beds
Shiro will be happy | Photo by Gregory Lane

Besides all the building and DIY materials, they have a huge pet section. While you might have a problem with the ethics of puppy/kitten mills and retailing animals, in terms of pet supplies—for example food, grooming, and bedding—the range is enormous.

Superviva Home Garden Center | Photo by Gregory Lane

Additionally, they have one of the largest garden centers that you will find in Tokyo with a wide range of plants, from indoor pot plants to outdoor trees.

Boulanger Vague | Photo by Gregory Lane

The second floor of the complex is filled with very affordable shops, including Boulanger Vague, where all items are ¥100, a branch of 100yen shop Seria, and cheapo favorite Saizeriya.

Cheapo shopping options abound | Photo by Gregory Lane

The materials section (wood supplies etc.) opens daily at 6:30am, while the “Lifestyle” section of the store opens from 9am.

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