Located within easy walking distance of Toyosu Station, the Tokyo Gas Science Museum has a wide variety of interactive exhibits. It is designed to highlight the importance of natural gas in our lives, as well as its drawbacks as a fossil fuel. More recent exhibits focus on green energy sources, and disaster prevention. If you’re at all interested in the energy chain, head to this free musuem!

Permanent exhibitions

The museum is divided into several areas, each focusing on a different facet of energy and social responsibility.

The largest section is the energy section, which has several exhibits explaining how LPG gas helps power Tokyo’s energy network. Next to it is the Disaster Prevention area, where visitors can learn about the best ways to stay safe during natural disasters.

Head upstairs to the 2F to see the living area. This part of the musuem focuses on the future of our cities, as well as how best to stay healthy and connected in modern times. It’s right next to the environmental exhibit, that focuses on renewability and being ecologically sound with iniatives such as Japan’s SDG’s

Museum facilities

By the 1F entrance, visitors can find an information booth and small gift shop, as well as a lift for handicapped patrons. On 2F, visitors can relax in the “Waku-Waku Room” – which hosts workshops but also serves as place to relax, with casual seating and vending machines to enjoy a snack and drink.

How to buy tickets for the Tokyo Gas Science Museum

Entry is free, and there’s no need to reserve! Just show up when you’d like to visit.

How to get to the Tokyo Gas Science Museum

The Tokyo Gas Science Museum is a short 6-minute walk from Toyosu Subway Station on the Yurikamome and Yurakucho lines. You can also get here with a 7-minute walk from Shin-Toyosu Station on the Yurikamome line. If driving, there is free parking for a limited number of cars available.

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