The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is an art gallery located in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward. It was once the residence of Prince Asaka and was converted to an art museum in 1983. The museum is a rare example of Art Deco architecture in Tokyo.

Its beautiful interior has served as the exhibition space for over 170 exhibitions. In 2014 the Teien Art Museum was expanded and a new gallery space was added. Since then museum has taken an active role in promoting contemporary art. There is also a spacious garden next to the museum that has both Japanese and Western elements.

Permanent exhibitions

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum has no permanent exhibitions. However, the building itself could be considered the permanent exhibition. Despite expansions, no major changes were made to the Art Deco interior so you can enjoy the original beauty. Many of the rooms have signage explaining the designs of the rooms in English as well as Japanese.

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Special exhibitions

The museum hosts one special exhibit at a time. Most exhibitions feature contemporary art, including shows on often overlooked subjects like fashion and jewelry. Each special exhibition usually lasts for about two months, giving you plenty of time to visit.

Museum facilities

There is a gift shop, café, and restaurant onsite. When you enter the museum you’ll need to put your bag in a locker. They cost ¥100, but the money is returned when you take your bag back. There’s also a “Welcome Room” that has hands-on activities for kids, as well as books and audio guides for the adults.

How to buy tickets for the Teien Art Museum

Ticket prices vary according to the exhibition, but they tend to range from ¥1,000 to ¥1,400 for adults. Entrance to the garden is ¥200. However if you buy a ticket for an exhibition entry to the garden is included.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket office onsite. If you’d like to buy them online, you can do this on the museum’s website. For those who have a Grutto Pass or Tokyo Pass, entry is free.

How to get to the Teien Art Museum

The museum is a 5-minute walk from Meguro Station or a 10-minute walk from Shirokanedai Station.

Frequently asked questions

How long do you need to visit the Teien Art Museum?

1 to 2 hours will be enough to see most exhibitions. Allow more time if you’re really into Art Deco, or planning to spend some time in the garden.

Does the Teien Art Museum have English information?

Yes, it has English signage. The audio guides in the Welcome Room also have an English setting.