Tokyo Station Gallery is an art museum inside Tokyo Station.

It was eestablished in 1988 and maintains some of that retro charm. In 2006, it closed for refurbishments, and it finally reopened in 2012. Tokyo Station Gallery holds around five exhibitions each year along. There are short breaks between the exhibitions where the gallery is closed so be sure to check their page here to see if it is open.

Permanent exhibitions

Notably, this museum doesn’t have permanent exhibitions. However, on the second floor there is a corridor overlooking the Marunouchi North Exit of the train station. Along the edges of the corridor there are displays related to Tokyo Station’s history.

Special exhibitions

There are around five special exhibtions per year, each lasting for 1 to 2 months. Exhibitions are usually related to Japanese artists and history. Past exhibits include “Art and Railway: 150th Anniversary of Railway in Japan” and “Japanese Paintings of Modern Osaka.”

Museum facilities

Tokyo Station Gallery has all the standard facilities of a modern museum. There are (free) coin lockers, rental strollers, and wheelchairs. And of course, there is a museum shop that sells a mixture of exhibition- and train-related goods. Note only main displays have English signage

There is also free WiFi through the museum.

How to buy tickets for Tokyo Station Gallery

Tickets can be bought online or in person from a ticket machine. Prices vary according to the exhibition, averaging around ¥1,500 for adults. Tickets are around ¥100 to ¥200 less for university and high school students. Junior high school students and younger are free.


If you have disability certificate, you’re entitled to a ¥100 discount.

How to get to there

The closes station to Tokyo Station Gallery is, well, Tokyo Station.

Things to do nearby

One obvious thing to do is explore Tokyo Station itself. You can shop for souvenirs and pop culture goods, and grab a bite to eat at Tokyo Ramen Street. Then there’s also a whole lot of things to do around Tokyo Station too.

Frequently asked questions

How long do you need for Tokyo Station Gallery?

1 to 1.5 hours is enough to see everything.

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