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Get ready for poop puns because the Unko Museum is not shy. Unabashedly dedicated to unko (poop), this museum allows you to experience the cuter side of poop, or as they say “max unko kawaii.”

Now, this museum isn’t what we’d call educational. It certainly falls more into the realm of entertainment, and its brand of humor and cuteness is especially popular with kids and teenagers. The museum is split into a few different sections which are either photo ops, interactive displays, or games. Our favorite part was the dinosaur poops in the unko dōbutsu (poop animals) section. However, young children definitely gravitated towards the ball pit.

Lots of the signage in the Unko Museum has been translated into English. However, unfortunately not all of the poop puns made it into the translations. Also note that there are no actual toilets within the facility, and no food or drinks are allowed inside.

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How to buy tickets

Ticket prices for the Unko Museum are seasonal, with tickets costing more on weekends and during holiday periods. Adult tickets cost ¥1,800 off peak, ¥1,900 during peak periods, and ¥2,300 for high peak periods. Tickets for middle school and high school students range from ¥1,400 to ¥1,500, and for children 4 years and older tickets range from ¥900 to ¥1,000. You can buy tickets at the venue, but we recommend buying them online in advance to avoid queueing.

How to get to the Unko Museum

The Unko Museum is located on the second floor of Diver City mall — the same mall where you’ll find the Unicorn Gundam. The closest stations are Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line, or Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line.

Poop, poop, everywhere. | Photo by Maria Danuco
Take a seat. | Photo by Maria Danuco