New Zealand espresso chain Allpress have set up their Tokyo roastery in a large warehouse in the Kiyosumi/Fukugawa neighborhood.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Most of the floor area is taken up by the expansive roastery area at the back of the building while the front houses the cafe and retail operations. You can get a shot of Espresso for ¥380, while a Macchiato, Flat white or anything else with milk in it costs ¥430. If you prefer drip, it’ll cost you ¥550. A 250gm pack of freshly roasted beans goes for about ¥1,800 – which is actually better value than some of the more hipster places in the neighbourhood such as Arise.

An authentic flat white.
An authentic flat white. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Allpress is also one of the few places in Tokyo where you can get an authentic New Zealand style flat white – in a flat white cup.

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