Formerly known as “Arise Coffee Entangle”, TOKAKU Coffee is an uber hip coffee shop next to Kiyosumi Gardens. Don’t ask for espresso – this is an old-school drip coffee establishment.

When ordering your coffee you can choose from a range of beans. Depending on the origin of the beans, your cup of coffee will cost between ¥390 and ¥520. Don’t expect your coffee in a hurry either – it has to finish dripping.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Beans are also available for sale, but you’ll have to be a coffee fanatic to pay ¥750 to ¥1,050 for 100 grammes of beans.

Photo by Gregory Lane

The interior of Tokaku emphasises eclectic style over relaxing comfort. The staff also assured me that the Rhino head mounted on the wall is not real – and laughed at me for asking.

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