If the phrase “coffee nazi” is not already in popular usage, then I’d like to propose it’s introduction for the purpose of categorising this exceedingly good coffee/espresso bar in Shimokitazawa.
Bear Pond Espresso is well known by coffee geeks and punters a like, indeed it inspires other baristas far and wide (see photo below from the cafe Ristr8tto in Chiang Mai, Thailand). And it is for good reason, the coffee here is world class, worth the trip to Shimokitazawa alone.

But back to the “nazi” suffix. These guys are serious about coffee – they have rules. No photos, “espresso time” is limited from morning to early afternoon, and similar to a super popular and cramped standing sushi bar or Ramen joint in Tokyo, you should enjoy your order then leave. There’s only a handful of seats, and therefore can quickly fill up, so don’t bank on chilling for the whole afternoon. And woe betide anyone how should dare to flip open a their macbook air.

dopper inspired by bear pond espresso

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