Coffee just tastes better at an unfinished wood table in an art-plastered café, with its foam perfectly fashioned by a barista who is oh so hipster chic, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of à la mode coffee spots in Tokyo with Instagram-worthy presentation, reasonable prices, and (for the most part) free WiFi.

Hearts Light Coffee

Espresso at hearts light coffee shibuya
Photo by Chris Kirkland

The coffee roaster, as well as the extensive vinyl collection, impedes on the meager sitting/standing space—correctly indicating that this little cafe cares more about taste and quality than it does commerce. They offer dark and light roasts and single-origin options for your espresso (you can also buy the beans).

The cafe is well away from the noise of central Shibuya, which makes for a nice, quiet stop frequented only by locals and fellow bean hunters.

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HoursMonday–Friday: 09:00–18:00
Saturday: 12:00–19:00
Sunday: Closed
Free WiFiNo
AccessShinsen or Shibuya Station
LinkHearts Light Coffee

Alpha Beta Coffee Club

Tucked away in Jiyugaoka, this excellent cafe is the creation of innovative coffee bean subscription company ABC Coffee Club. The space is bright and airy with great outdoor terrace seating too. It scores full hipster points with the free WiFi and a San Fransisco–style bites menu to go with your single-origin roast.

HoursMonday–Friday: 08:00–22:00
Saturday: 09:00–22:00
Sunday: 09:00-21:00
Free WiFiYes
AccessJiyugaoka Station
LinkAlpha Beta Coffee Club

Hiki Cafe

tokyo cafe
Photo by Chris Kirkland

Hiki Cafe isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a nice, chilled cafe/restaurant right on the edge of all the neon, shopping and business of Shibuya. They have free WiFi, a wide range of drinks and a few terrace seats. Also, the “Deep Chocolate Latte” is a real treat.

Free WiFiYes
AccessShibuya Station
Link Hiki Cafe

Ballon D’essai

Great coffee spot with good coffee, artsy interior and outdoor seating. Prices are very reasonable. Bonus Aussie points for the flat white on the menu. Also, they do very cool latte art.

Photo by Chris Kirkland
HoursTue-Fri 11:30 to 21:00 | Sat, Sun, and holidays 10:30 to 21:00 | Monday Closed
Free WiFiNo
AccessShimokitazawa Station
LinkBallon D’essai
Photo by Chris Kirkland

The Roastery

"Normal" espresso cup
“Normal” espresso cup | Photo by Chris Kirkland

Good single-origin coffee, some nice outdoor seating, free WiFi and a bustling vibe. Obviously run by massive hipsters because by default they serve their espresso in a champagne flute (but you can ask for a normal espresso cup when you order). And try some of the pastries.

Hours10:00–21:00 daily
Free WiFiYes
AccessMeiji-jingumae Station
LinkThe Roastery


tokyo cafe
Lattest | Photo by Chris Kirkland

An out-of-the-way cafe in the ultra-hip Omotesando neighborhood. Try the signature drink “Lattest”, cold milk with an espresso dripped on top, you have to drink it fast before it turns back in to a less sexy ice latte (recommended you drink at least the half quickly, you can enjoy the rest as a “normal” ice latte).

Hours10:00–19:00 daily
Free WiFiYes
AccessOmotesando Station
LinkLattest Omotesando

Streamer Coffee

tokyo cafe
Photo by Chris Kirkland

Great espresso, outdoor seating if you can snag a spot, and sometimes even some English service.


Hours10:00–18:00 daily
Free WiFiYes
AccessShibuya Station
LinkStreamer Shibuya


HoursWeekdays: 10:00–18:00
Saturday–Sunday/Holidays: 11:00–18:00
Free WiFiYes
AccessHarajuku Station/Meijijingumae Station
LinkStreamer Harajuku


Free WiFiYes
AccessNingyocho Station
LinkStreamer Coffee Kayabacho


fuglen tokyo
Photo by Chris Kirkland

An overachieving cafe with nice atmosphere, beans for purchase, tasty pastries, comfy couches, free WiFi, and (*channeling Professor Snape*) obviously good coffee. Also, cocktails.

Note: Fuglen is currently operating as a coffee stand only for take-away drinks.

HoursMonday-Tuesday: 08:00–22:00
Wednesday-Friday: 08:00–19:00
Saturday–Sunday: 09:00–19:00
Free WiFiYes
AccessYoyogi-Kōen Station
LinkFuglen Tokyo

Cafe Rostro

Photo by Chris Kirkland

A great cafe with nice outdoor terrace seating, on the side of a roastery and just a stone’s throw from Fuglen.

HoursMonday–Friday: 08:00–19:00
Saturday–Sunday: 08:00–21:00
Free WiFiNo
AccessYoyogi-Kōen Station
LinkCafe Rostro

Mercedes Benz Connection – Downstairs Cafe

free wifi cafes in tokyo
Photo by Gregory Lane

Award-winning baristas, impeccable presentation, large glass windows, high ceilings and tons of space. The only downside is the top 40 electro beats. That being said, it’s not so intrusive that you can’t get some work done, read a book or chat away with some friends. Also, they have lots of outlets.

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HoursTemporary reduced business hours: 09:00–20:00 daily (normal business hours from 07:00–23;00 daily)
Free WiFiYes
AccessNogizaka Station
LinkDownstairs Coffee at Mercedes Benz Connection

Bear Pond Espresso

tokyo cafe
Photo by Chris Kirkland

When it comes to coffee, the Bear Pond people are all business. The coffee’s incredible but you’ve gotta follow the house rules (like no pics) and you can only order espresso for a limited time each morning to afternoon—it’s either their way or the non-coffee-drinking highway. Hipsters can be harsh.

Hours11:00–17:30 daily
Free WiFiNo
AccessShimokitazawa Station
LinkBear Pond Espresso

About Life Coffee Brewers

A sweet little coffee stand with nowhere to sit down and stay awhile—only pure caffeine indulgence at this cafe. Espressos will set you back only ¥300 a pop and it’s been certified “one of the best cafes I’ve been to in Tokyo” by our resident coffee fiend and hobo CEO Chris Kirkland.

HoursMonday–Friday: 08:30–20:30
Saturday–Sunday/Holidays: 09:00–19:00
Free WiFiNo
AccessShibuya Station
LinkAbout Life Coffee

Want to try someplace a little more traditional? Try these kissaten, or traditional Japanese coffee shops reminiscent of the Showa era. 

This post was originally published on May 14, 2015 and was updated in August 2020.

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Chris's Tokyo favorites are: Tomoe Sushi, Borne, Udagawa Cafe Suite
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