Rostro has been in the coffee trade, quietly roasting coffee in Tomigaya for sometime and just a stone’s throw from the uber-popular Fuglen. On 27th May this year they opened up a cafe, next door to their roastery, and this is good news for us coffee aficionado cheapos.

Good news because:

  • Espresso is 250 yen
  • Their morning set is 800 yen – toast, boiled egg, salad, yoghurt, salad, and coffee (latte +100yen)
  • The have a full range of roast for whatever your particular coffee sensibilities are
  • And they have spacious outdoor terrace seating!

The cafe is located on the quiet Kamaiyamacho walk way (between Tomigaya and Shibuya), plus it’s a real treat to have terrace seating beneath the trees.

The only slight minus was the espresso macchiato being priced the same as a latte (400 yen).

Eat In or Take Away?

Whilst there’s a few nice touches when you sit inside – free biscuit, charming coffee cups, crystal glass for your water, you also have to contend with higher prices for the coffee (about 50% yen more),
plus your have to listen to their ludicrously noisy and slow hand bean grinder!

Weather permintting, much nicer to sit outside.

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