If you’re in Ikebukuro to check out the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo, don’t leave without a stop at the Pikachu Sweets Café. Located right next to the Pokémon Center, the café serves up cute Pikachu themed snacks and drinks. It’s the perfect break in your shopping frenzy.

What is the Pikachu Sweets Café like?

The Pikachu Sweets Café is a small, cheery spot with bright decor and plenty of Pikachus dotted around. The café is take-out only, so the food options are small and compact. Most visitors order the honey Pikachu pastry, and a drink to go with it. The “Pocketful Drink Set” which comes with one pastry and a hot drink, will set you back ¥1,458.

Do they sell merchandise?

Yep! You can buy Pikachu plush toys with chef’s hats and aprons to remember your visit. There’s also Pikachu-themed straws, cups, and teapots available.

Pikachu Sweets Café essentials


The Pikachu Sweets Café doesn’t take reservations, it’s walk-in only. If you go on weekends, you might be in for a wait.


The Pikachu Sweets Café is take-out only, and there’s no seating inside. However, customers often use the seating in the mall to sit and eat.

Photos allowed?

You bet! Go ahead and take as many as you’d like — although you should ask the staff if you’re taking one with them in it.

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