Ryu Sushi serves up the fresh, high-quality sushi you’d expect from a restaurant located in Toyosu Fish Market, at an affordable price point.

This restaurant stays true to its roots, serving up Edo-style sushi in an authentic setting. The counter seats mean you get front row seats as each piece of sushi is prepared — so it’s dinner and a show.

The chef prepares your sushi before your very eyes. | Photo by Carey Finn

Price range

Prices range from ¥4,000 for a simple sushi assortment to a reasonable ¥5,500 for an omakase set. Omakase is when you leave the choice up to the chef, and it changes daily.

How to make a reservation at Ryu Sushi

Like many other restaurants in Toyosu Fish Market, Ryu Sushi does not accept reservations. It’s walk-in only. When we went for a late breakfast on a weekday, it wasn’t crowded at all, but it very much depends on the day.

Food: What’s on the menu?

Different types of nigiri sushi sit on a black stone plate.
Kiku sushi set from Ryu Sushi. | Photo by Maria Danuco

Ryu Sushi serves a small assortment of dishes, all based around fresh fish. You can get nigiri sushi, sashimi rice bowls, and a dedicated sashimi set.


Ryu Sushi has a limited drinks menu with Japanese beers, sake, and shōchū, as well as tea and water.


This sushi restaurant has a calmer and slightly more refined atmosphere, compared to some other restaurants in the market. There are tall counter seats, so you can easily watch the chef prepare your food, and this also helps the restaurant feel spacious.

Tuna rice bowl. | Photo by Carey Finn

Our review

Ryu Sushi is a great, fuss-free option for people who want to try some sushi in the famous Toyosu Fish Market. Its calm atmosphere and English menu make it feel welcoming, while the open, spacious design makes for a comfortable dining experience. The food is fresh, and good quality for the price.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal — but be mindful of other customers who might be waiting, so don’t stay too long once you’re finished.

Ryu Sushi is good for:

Individuals and small groups looking for an affordable meal option in Toyosu Fish Market, who aren’t interested in the long lines for the big-name restaurants.

While we do our best to ensure it’s correct, information is subject to change.

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