Grigoris Miliaresis

Grigoris Miliaresis

Having fallen in love with Asakusa even before actually seeing it, Grigoris Miliaresis has been roaming its alleys with a camera, a notepad and on a writer’s budget (i.e. legally broke) since the summer of 2009 and sharing his notes/pix on his Asakusa Pinterest board
and his blog “Nihon Arekore”.

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  • March 25th
    cheap ryokan tokyo

    The Ryokan Experience in Asakusa

    For most visitors to Japan the word “ryokan” (or traditional Japanese inn) evokes images of really old, really expensive lodgings in idyllic rural settings with kimono-clad staff, classic kaiseki meals and prices that can be easily compared to […]

  • March 16th

    Koryu Budo: Real Martial Arts, Real Samurai

    Few would argue that—together with geisha, Mt. Fuji and cherry trees—samurai (well, and ninja) are the longest-lasting export of Japan. These members of the warrior (and then administrator) class that ran the country for about 800 years (from […]

  • March 11th

    A Hidden Garden of Delights at Denpoin Temple

    Everyone’s heard about Tokyo’s big gardens—the Kiyosumi Teien in Fukagawa, the Hamarikyu near Sumida River in Chuo Ward, the Rikugien near Komagome or those around the Imperial Palace and in the Meiji Jingu park. But if you happen to be in Tokyo […]

  • February 14th

    Say chee-su!

    Who needs a camera in this day and age, right? Weeeeell sort of: there are still some things that normal cameras (you know, the ones that can’t be used as phones) can do and if you happen to be in Yokohama this weekend, the best place to see […]