Enter the world of the Love hotel…

Setsuko Yasuda

Japanese Love hotels are in/famous depending on either your view or your experience, but if you’re yet to try one – the wonderfully sarcastic Chris Boyd (aka Abroad in Japan) takes you on a guided tour. This isn’t just any old love hotel though (think bad lighting and a bath you might not want to jump into without some disinfectant), this is a particularly impressive and somewhat surreal example located in Sendai.

From the room and its.. er… amenities, he walks you through the whole shebang – including a variety of costumes, Bond-villain-esque lairs, attics full of toys and lighting displays more often associated with spaceships – giving you the full experience (well, almost…). Since he is accompanied by the hotel owner, Boyd is able to explain some of the logic behind the hotels and de-mystify some of their secrets. (Why’s is the food so cheap? Why is there a hole in the floor? Do you even want to know?)

So, if you’re intrigued, horrified or already scheduling it into your next trip… here’s our guide to love hotels in Tokyo!

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