You cheapos have been readin’ up a storm in 2016. Here’s a look at the top posts of the year:

#10 – 17 Unique Things to Do in Tokyo

“There are as many unusual things to do in Tokyo as there are lists of them, and whether you’re visiting for the first time or the tenth, there’s always something new to try.” Go to post

#9 – Tips for Newbies: Dining in Japan

chopsticks and rice - Japanese dining tips
Photo by Washoku used under CC

“As a newbie in Japan, the challenges and cultural differences you will face are plenty—even regarding something as rudimentary as eating. And since Japanese food is world renowned for being some of the best, you don’t want to let something like a vending machine stand in your way of getting some delicious noodles.” Go to post

#8 – 25 Cheap Japanese Souvenir Ideas

Japanese souvenirs
Snazzy fans. Not likely to be free. | Photo by Nicola Albertini used under CC

“So you’re in Japan, doing all the awesome things and living life like it’s an anime. But your friends/family/pets/plants want a piece of the action. They’re demanding cool things from Tokyo and surrounds. Time to do some souvenir shopping!” Go to post

#7 – 10 Free Things to Do in Roppongi

free things to do in roppongi
Photo by Machu. used under CC

“Roppongi—the heart of boutiques, brands and top designers. It may not seem like it has much to offer the cheapo in us, but deep in the depths there are some delights that won’t cost you a penny, and make for far more interesting stories than what’s in your shopping bag.” Go to post

#6 – Katsu Midori – Tokyo’s Best Sushi Train Restaurant

sushi katsu midori
Photo by Adriana Mazza

“For high-quality sushi at budget prices, try Katsu Midori, the self-proclaimed “No. 1 best sushi restaurant in Japan”. And we cheapos couldn’t agree more.” Go to post

Suggested Activity
JR Rail Pass
The JR Pass is a 1 week pass that allows unlimited travel on Japan Rail lines throughout the country. This ticket is extraordinarily good value for long distance and inter-city travel. *Restrictions: Can only be purchased by temporary visitor visa holders not already in Japan. ...

#5 – Bullet Train Fare Calculator

Try out our new Shinkansen Fare Calculator
Try out our new Shinkansen Fare Calculator | Photo by TC site screen shot

“Make your Japan travels easier by using our shinkansen fare calculator. Because you can’t leave Japan without taking a ride on the country’s fastest and most iconic mode of transportation—the bullet train.” Go to post

#4 – Tips on Getting a Tattoo in Japan

getting a tattoo in Japan

“Every cheapo has their reasons for striving towards a thrifty lifestyle, a special thing they splurge their hard-saved yen on. For some of us, that thing is art—large and painful art that goes right onto the skin and lasts a lifetime.” Go to post

#3 – Tokyo Subway Map by Walking Times

tokyo subway walking times
Not surprisingly it takes less time to walk between central Tokyo stations. | Photo by Greg Lane

“Tokyo Cheapo has produced a walking map of the Tokyo subway system to both save you money and help you to walk off that 1,000-calorie bowl of lunchtime ramen.” Go to post

#2 – Cheapest and Fastest Ways from Tokyo to Osaka

The famous Dotonburi area.
The famous Dotonburi area. | Photo by Jonathan Konitz used under CC

“A breakdown of the most popular options for travel from Tokyo to Osaka. A guide to taking the bullet train, bus and cheap flights between the cities.” Go to post

#1 – Outlet Malls Around Tokyo

outlet malls around tokyo
Photo by Stéfan used under CC

“Outlet malls carry branded items at a bargain, and tend to have Western sizes and tax-free options. Read on for outlet shopping options around Tokyo.” Go to post

2016 Highlights and Honorable Mentions

#1 – Want an Alternative to Teaching English? Are You Too Sexy for Your Shirt?


This article was originally published in 2012 when Tokyo Cheapo was first starting out, so weren’t we surprised when it landed on the front page of reddit back in October. Our views for that day went up by a factor of 10! To see what all the fuss was about, read the article here.

#2 – Launch of Tokyo Cheapo YouTube Channel

Suggested Activity
Tokyo NRT (Narita) and HND (Haneda) Airport Transfer Low Cost Taxi
This shared taxi service is a cheap option for a door-to-door transfer from the airport. If you're new to Japan, then use this friendly minibus service for a cost-effective and stress-free arrival to the world's most populated city. A standard taxi from Narita airport is usually about $200USD, over four times the price of this shared taxi service! Moreover the ...

With the start of autumn came the launch of our newest endeavor: the Tokyo Cheapo YouTube channel. Be sure to check out our most popular videos, like the Best Free Views of TokyoWhat is a Yokocho? Tokyo’s Culinary and Boozy Back Streets and Getting WiFi in Japan. And don’t forget to subscribe!

#3 – Launch of London Cheapo

london cheapo

Our cheapo empire is expanding! We are proud to announce the launch of London Cheapo, making its big debut last February. Now we’re one step closer to spreading our penny-wise wisdom all over the world.

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