Fukagawa Festival

fukugawa festival
Photo by Duncan Taralrud-Bay used under CC

The Fukagawa Festival is officially one of the big three Shinto festivals of Tokyo along with the Sanno Matsuri and the Kanda Matsuri.

The festival generally happens around August 15th, but the actual schedule may vary slightly from year to year. The full schedule is available here (in Japanese) and includes music performances, parades and Noh Theater. The water throwing section is slated to start at 9am on the 11th.

It’s at its rowdiest when it’s a “hon matsuri” year. The Hon Matsuri happens every three years, the next one will be in 2020.

The festival is centered around Tomioka Hachiman Shrine (also referred to as Fukagawa Shrine). The closest stations are Monzennakacho on the Oedo and Tozai lines and Kiba Station on the Tozai Line.

Venue: Tomioka Hachiman Shrine
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 31 ℃Low: 24 ℃
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Closest station(s): Monzennakacho, Kiba
Web: http://www.tomiokahachiman...
Link in Japanese
Area: Kiba
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3 Responses to “Fukagawa Festival”

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    What time will the procession/water fight on the 17th occur? We will be in Tokyo that day and would love to see it.

    • Avatar
      CheapoGreg August 3, 2014

      I’m sorry, their site is terrible and it’s actually really hard to find this info. I do know that the procession starts early and goes for most of the day and the water splashing takes place on the wide street approaching the Tomioka Shrine but that’s as much as I can tell you.

      • Avatar
        BeastmanAIDS August 17, 2014

        hahaha a Japanese site that is terrible? Surely you jest, sir!

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