Yabusame at Zushi Beach

Photo by Ryosuke Yagi used under CC

Mounted archers shooting at targets in traditional clothing while galloping at full speed are a not uncommon site during spring and autumn in Japan.

This ‘Yabusame’ event takes place against the spectacular backdrop of Zushi beach at 1pm on a Sunday in November.

Before the Yabusame, there is also a parade of samurai starting at Kameoka Shrine at 10:20am and proceeding to Zushi Station.

Venue: Zushi Beach
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 16 ℃Low: 10 ℃
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Access: 0.9 km from Zushi Station Yokosuka Line (JO14)
1.0 km from Shinzushi Station Keikyū Zushi Line (KK53)
Web: http://www.shokonet.or.jp/...
Link in Japanese
Area: Zushi
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