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Zushi has been inhabited since prehistoric times and lies nearby one of the most famous buddhas in the Kanto plain, the Kamakura Giant Buddha (Daibutsu). Zushi is located at the head of Miura Peninsula, facing Sagami Bay on the Pacific Ocean. Zushi is roughly an hour away from Shinagawa and the town’s main station is served by the Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line and Keikyu Zushi Line.

Even though known for its beach resorts and marinas, for the most part, Zushi is a bedroom suburb for Tokyo and Yokohama. This is not true for summer, however, when big-city dwellers pack the city’s beaches seeking to enjoy the hot weather and absence of jellyfish in Zushi waters.

In addition, the city is invigorated by many beach bars, seafood and Italian restaurants as well as a few small health food places. Although convenient, food stands on the beach are not very cheapo.

Overall, Zushi is regarded as one of the most “foreigner friendly” seasides providing an cross-cultural exchange during summer when visitors from all over the world spend their weekends swimming in Japanese waters and drinking in Brazilian bars.

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