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So you don’t have much time or energy to cook. No problem—you can always pick something up from the many convenience stores (or even the grocery) nearby, or eat at a restaurant. But what if you’re tired of getting the same old food at the convenience store? What if you’d like more variety? Or what if you just don’t feel like getting out?

tokyo food delivery
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We’ve got you covered, as we’ve listed some food delivery websites/apps that cover the Tokyo area. These websites feature a variety of dishes from different cuisines, from sushi to burgers to tom yum goong. Let’s start with websites/apps that have English versions:

Tokyo Food Delivery with English-Language Websites/Apps

1. Maishoku

tokyo food delivery services

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App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: cash on delivery (COD) / credit card

Maishoku offers a wide variety of dishes from over 300 restaurants. Although the website has other prefectures listed on the drop-down menu for addresses, most restaurants only deliver within Tokyo, and non-Tokyo residents may find their options to be severely limited (or the minimum delivery order to be rather high). Maishoku doesn’t charge for delivery, but listed restaurants have minimum orders, most of which are fairly reasonable (around 1,200-2,000 yen). Just a note, though—Maishoku’s English translations of menu items can be pretty awkward.

2. UberEATS


App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: credit card

No longer just a transportation service, Uber has now expanded into food delivery. It launched UberEATS in Tokyo last year, but because it’s still fairly new, the areas covered are still quite limited: among Tokyo’s 23 wards, it covers part of Shinjuku, Setagaya, Minato, Nakano, Chiyoda, Chuo, Meguro, and Shinagawa as of this writing. However, the service is expanding, so perhaps it might deliver to the rest of Tokyo’s wards and nearby prefectures like Kanagawa and Chiba in the future.

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Available all week from 11 am-11 pm, UberEATS does not set a minimum order amount, unlike the other food delivery websites here. For the time being, booking fees are waived (normally, UberEATS charges a flat rate for delivery). Ordering is easy—just download the app, set your location, look for restaurants near you, and you’re good to go.

Bonus: If you enter the code eats-12zwln when you sign up, you should get ¥1,000 off your first order.

3. FineDine

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.38.13 PM

App: none
Payment options: COD / credit card

As the name implies, FineDine brings you quality dining at relatively reasonable prices, with some restaurants setting their minimum order value to below 2,000 yen. FineDine’s delivery service covers the following wards in Tokyo, as of this writing: Ota, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Suginami, Setagaya, Taito, Chuo, Chiyoda, Toshima, Nakano, Bunkyo, Minato, and parts of Meguro. As with Maishoku and UberEATS, just specify your location, and you can start ordering. Note, however, that some restaurants only open at night.

Japanese-only food delivery sites/apps

And for those who can understand Japanese, here you go. These websites have a fairly wide range of options, so we understand if you’re a non-Japanese speaker and you feel like you’re missing out! In that case, Google Translate, while not entirely accurate, can be your friend.

4. Demae-Can

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.53.31 PM

App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: COD / credit card

With over 14,000 restaurants, Demae-Can has the largest listing among the food delivery websites/apps in this article. Some popular chains like Freshness Burger and CoCo Ichibanya also have listings here. Most restaurants have minimum order values below 2,000 yen, and the website displays average user ratings for each restaurant, so you have an idea of what’s hot and what’s not. Demae-Can also has a point system, so if you earn enough points, you can use them to pay for your orders.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.56.17 PM

App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: COD / credit card promises that it can deliver meal sets in as few as 20 minutes (which, of course, could take longer, depending on the area). For now, delivery is limited to Itabashi, Nerima, Shibuya, Toshima, Suginami, Minato, Nakano, Chiyoda, Setagaya, Shinjuku, and Meguro wards.

The front page of its website is a bit misleading, as it says that meals are 800 yen. While this seems to have been the initial premise of this startup, a look at’s featured restaurants shows that the meals have varying prices, with some going as low as 650 yen to an Iberico pork meal set for 2,140 yen. The FAQ page says that delivery hours are from 11 am-2:30 pm, and that it’s best to order two days in advance, although some restaurants listed nighttime delivery hours and could take same-day orders. While’s front page and FAQ could use some updating, don’t worry—it’s legit.

6. Rakuten Delivery

App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: COD / credit card

Another popular delivery website among the Japanese is Rakuten Delivery. Some of its listed restaurants can also be found on Demae-Can, and it also features chains like KFC and CoCo Ichibanya. Pizza chains like Pizza-La, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s are also listed here, although they also have their own delivery websites.

7. GuruNavi Delivery Premium

Some of GuruNavi Premium's offerings
Some of GuruNavi Premium’s offerings | Photo by Tiffany Lim

App: none
Payment options: COD / credit card

Restaurant review site GuruNavi has its own food delivery service, which covers not only Tokyo, but also some other prefectures as well (including Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa). Of course, it has cheapo options, such as some listings with minimum order values of 1000 yen. But if want something fancier for a party, conference, or some other event, there’s also GuruNavi Premium, which was launched last year. It features regional specialties and gourmet bento for as low as 1,500 yen—certainly pricier than a convenience-store bento, but not too bad a price for gourmet food.  The downside is that most gourmet bento listings require a minimum order of 10,000 yen, so it’s best to order from GuruNavi Premium with/for a group.

8. D Delivery

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.24.39 PM

App: none
Payment options: COD / credit card / D-points

Telecom operator docomo has also launched a food delivery service. The offerings aren’t that different from the rest of the websites mentioned above. It also has a point system, like Demae-Can, and for docomo subscribers, there’s also an option to pay for your order along with your monthly phone bill.

Fast food delivery

But if variety isn’t your thing and you want something more familiar, these chains have websites in English:

9. Domino’s Pizza

App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: COD / credit card

Looking for some greasy goodness? Then Domino’s Pizza might just be what you’re looking for. The minimum order value is 1,080 yen (tax included) for pizza, pasta, and sandwich orders, and 1,620 yen (tax included) for side menu items like soups, desserts, and chicken nuggets.

10. McDonald’s

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 6.41.44 PM

App: available for both Android and iOS
Payment options: COD / credit card

For a minimum amount of 1,500 yen (or 1,000 yen for breakfast menu items) plus a 300-yen delivery fee (which could vary depending on your area), you can avail of the McDelivery service from 7:00 am-11:00 pm every day. McDonald’s delivers to most areas in Tokyo, and to selected areas beyond—you can enter your delivery address first to check.

Lastly, some restaurants around your neighborhood may offer food delivery services to your area and possibly even nearby areas. They might just not have a listing on food delivery websites/apps. For instance, I found out that Rocco’s New York Style Pizza, Tokyo’s first and only authentic NY-style pizza parlor, delivers to nearby areas. I’ve also seen restaurants in my neighborhood putting up signs that they deliver to selected areas. Look or ask around, because who knows what you might find.

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