Ueno is most famous for its zoo, with the pandas being the symbol of the area. Even at the station, there is an adorable one waiting to greet you!

Where is the giant 3D panda billboard in Ueno?

Photo by Jane Pipkin

This billboard is hard to miss. It is right outside the Hirokoji Entrance of Ueno Station, next to a Starbucks.

When can you see the 3D panda?

This cheeky panda pops up on the dot every hour. It will appear, showing passerbys a pocket watch with the current time on it. After this, it will get up to a few other antics, and then wave goodbye.

How many 3D animal billboards are there in Tokyo?

There is actually another panda billboard in Tokyo, located in Shibuya.

As well as these two panda billboards, there is the 3D Akita dog billboard in Shibuya, the 3D cat billboard in Shinjuku, and the 3D owl billboard in Ikebukuro. In Harajuku, you can find the “Town Musicians of Bremen” 3D billboard, which features a band of furry friends.

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