The 3D owl billboard in Tokyo is a fun extra to add to your itinerary. Located in Ikebukuro, this 3D billboard features a mechanical owl and adorable Akita puppy. Here’s where and when you can see it.

Where is the 3D owl billboard in Ikebukuro?

Waiting game: The owl appears at the start of the hour, every hour. | Photo by Shyam Bhardwa

The giant owl billboard can be seen from right in front of the east exit of Ikebukuro Station. More specifically, it is on top of the Sundrug, a Japanese drugstore chain.

For those wondering why this billboard features an owl, it is because the symbol of Ikebukuro is well, an owl. The bird is thought to bring good luck, and you will find many owl statues scattered around the area.

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When can you see the 3D owl billboard?

The 3D owl and its Akita companion appear for a few minutes, at the beginning of each hour. The little Akita dog will greet you first and then seconds later, the owl will pop out of the screen.

How many 3D animal billboards are there in Tokyo?

There are numerous animal billboards scattered around the city. There is the 3D cat billboard in Shinjuku, 3D dog billboard in Shibuya and 3D panda billboard, also in Shibuya. In Harajuku, you can find the “Town Musicians of Bremen” 3D billboard, which features a band of furry friends. Plus, there’s another 3D panda in Ueno.