An adorable Akita dog is waiting for you near Shibuya Station — and no, we aren’t talking about the Hachiko statue. Sponsored by the advertising company Hit, the giant 3D dog billboard has itself become a hit since it first appeared back in 2022. Here’s where and when you can see it.

Where is the giant 3D dog billboard in Shibuya?

The best place to see the 3D Akita Inu billboard is from Hachiko-mae Square. | Photo by Shyam Bhardwa

The 3D dog billboard plays on a few different screens. Although we recommend staying around Shibuya Station and Hachiko-mae Square for the best and most unobstructed view, you can also see the billboard from Shibuya Scramble Crossing, as well as the Miyamasuzaka intersection and exit.

When can you see the 3D Akita Inu?

Photo by Jane Pipkin

Unlike the 3D cat billboard in Shinjuku, which appears every 15 minutes or so, the 3D dog only appears for a few minutes, once at the beginning of each hour. As soon as the clock chimes, the Akita dog will bark, pop out of the screen and start playing with the animated clock.

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As Shibuya is often crowded, we recommend trying to secure a spot 5 or 10 minutes before the hour so you don’t miss out on seeing the playful pup.

How many 3D animal billboards are there in Tokyo?

The Shibuya Akita Inu is not the only giant 3D billboard in Tokyo. It is actually one of many billboards. There is also the famous 3D cat in Shinjuku, a 3D owl billboard in Ikebukuro, 3D panda billboard in Shibuya, and another 3D panda in Ueno, and a “Town Musicans of Bremen” billboard in Harajuku, which features multiple 3D animals.