Built in 1853, Hanayashiki is Japan’s oldest amusement park by quite some distance. Today, it’s a small but densely packed amusement park that evokes the feeling of old-timey Tokyo. It’s home to the world’s oldest steel-track roller coaster.

To go on the rides, you first have to pay the admission price. Then, you have the option of getting an all day freepass, or buying individual ride tickets.

The freepass prices are ¥2,500 for adults (defined as middle school and above), ¥2,200 for elementary school children, ¥2,200 for infants over the age of 2 but not yet elementary school age, and ¥2,000 for seniors (65 and older).

Individual “tickets” are available for ¥100 each or a book of 11 for ¥100. Going on rides costs between 3 and 6 tickets, so 11 tickets is a bit useless!

There are plenty of rides for small children. The more adventurous roller coaster and “disk-o” require 6 tickets each and have minimum height restrictions.

  • Other attractions include:
  • Merry go-round
  • Sky ship
  • Chibiko Taxi
  • Swan
  • 3D Theatre
  • Haunted house (obake yashiki)
  • Ghost hall
  • Surprising house
  • Carnival
  • Pyon pyon
  • Helicopter
  • Shirasagi
  • Little Star
  • Ninnin (Ninja) Park

Additionally, there are two areas of the park which require an additional fee to enter and which aren’t covered by the freepass.

Other Asakusa Attractions