Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado (Harakado or Hara for short) is opening in Harajuku on April 17, 2024.

What is there to see and do?

The shopping complex has floors and floors of fun, including a public bath, restaurants, cafes, a relaxing art space, and a rooftop garden that covers three floors. There are also plenty of shops — including a CBD store — and event spaces.

7F Harakado Rooftop

rooftop on harakado
The rooftop. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Half of the face of Harakado is open to the elements and you can spend plenty of time here sipping on cocktails from the seventh-floor bar or just enjoying the view of Harajuku. To the left, you can even catch a glimpse of Shinjuku’s Docomo Tower. Stairs connect the fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-floor balconies, but they are also accessible by elevator. The seventh floor is the most impressive — you can find a rainforest-esque escape that also includes power plugs (in case you want to do some outdoor remote work).

Note that outside food and drink are not allowed, but there are plenty of options from the Kitchen & Terrace floors.


the shop tenga land in harajuku
For adults only. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

One of the most anticipated stores to open in Harakado is TENGA LAND. For strictly over-18s, the store sells adult pleasure items that are a little more subtle than your average toys — you can even find them traveling along a conveyor belt in the middle of the store. TENGA LAND also sells items for relaxation and sexual health, as well as merchandise.


a relaxing space on the fourth floor
Take a break in nature. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

The fourth floor is built for relaxation. It includes nature-inspired art installations that promote sustainability. It also has a cafe.

Kosugiyu Harajuku Sento

Kosugiyu Harajuku sento public bath
Relax after a day of shopping. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

On the Chikaichi (B1 floor) — which is confusingly two floors below the first floor — you’ll find a public bath that promotes the sento way of life currently losing steam in Japan. The sento is affordable and apparently tattoos are allowed, but it is unclear if there will be any restrictions when it opens officially on May 13. The baths are quite small compared to other onsen mammoths in Tokyo.

Even if you don’t enter the bath, the floor is a great spot to stretch out and have a pint of beer.

What is there to eat and drink?

eating space with chairs in Harakado
Grab a chair and sit down to eat. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

There are two main floors to eat in Harakado. On the fifth and sixth floors, you’ll find plenty of seats in the Kitchen & Terrace area. You can even take food and drink outside (in designated areas). Notable restaurants include Ippudo, Pretty Pork Factory, and Falafel Brothers.

You can also find a cafe or delicatessen or two, like Baby The Coffee Brew Club and Angelina, throughout the building.

Other Harajuku Attractions