Toyama Park is a large park with lots of mature trees in Shinjuku Ward that is just a short walk from the main campus of Waseda University.

Trees with autumn leaves
Autumn leaves in Toyama Park | Photo by Gregory Lane

Because of its proximity to the university, it’s a popular spot for students to practice sports or just hang out.

At the center of the park is “Hakone-yama”. At a height of 44.6 meters above sea level, Hakone-yama is the highest geographical point within Tokyo’s circular Yamanote Line. The summit is surrounded by trees, so there’s really only a partial view of the surroundings when the trees are devoid of leaves in winter.

View from Hakoneyama in Toyama Park obscured by trees
The “view” from the top of Hakone Yama in Toyama Park. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Once a year, the park is a venue for yabusame—a form of traditional archery with archers shooting at a target while riding a galloping horse.

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