Titan’s Craft Beer Taproom is a surprisingly large craft beer bar located just 30 seconds walk from the south entrance of JR Otsuka Station.

The taproom is the progeny of a partnership between two beer importers – AQ Bevolution and Beer Cats. As a result, the 10 beers on tap and those in the refrigerators are predominantly North American. The 10 beers on tap rotate through the offerings from AQ Bevolution and Beer Cats and on the day we visited, there was also one Japanese ‘guest beer’. Other brands on tap were Revolution and Half Acre.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Prices are from 700yen for a goblet and 1,300yen for an enormous 700ml “Titan” tankard. For value hunters, they also have an 8,000yen discount card that entitles you to 11 regular size beers and one titan. Given that regular size goblets may range up to ¥900 to ¥1,000, the discount card is a good deal. Bottles in the fridge start from about 500yen. If you want to drink it inside Titans, there’s a 300yen corkage charge.

There are only a few snack type food options – including utsunomiya gyoza – but Titan’s also allows you to either bring your own food or order it in.

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