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Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka – Central, Cheap and New
3-19-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka is new and shiny.

Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka | Photo by Gregory Lane

This hotel isn’t just cheap for a new hotel, it’s cheap for any hotel. Single room prices start from 7,200yen while you can get a double for as low as 10,000yen. It’s possible that these prices might be raised, but they’re unlikely to be as high as some of the more traditional hotels in the area. We’d suggest booking early for the discounts. Also, rates are lower on Sundays and earlier in the week.

Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka

So how can a brand-new hotel be so cheap? Part of it is that the new hotel chains have got very good at doing cheap. The other reason is that the rooms are small – but if that surprises you about a hotel in Tokyo then it’s probably your first time here. The standard single room is approximately 13 square meters – basically big enough for a bed, a dresser and a bit of carpet to get changed.

The best thing about this place however, is the location. It’s just 2 minutes walk from Akasaka-Mitsuke station and about 5 minutes walk from Akasaka station. The street itself (Missuji Dori) is slightly on the seedy side – but we’re not talking Roppongi or Kabukicho here. Of note to cheapos is a Donki store (actually branded as Picasso) about 100m away. There are plenty of good cheapo food options in the area as well – from Itamae Sushi through to a cheap, relaxing cafe.