Com Com Manga Cafe – The Cheapest Place to Sleep for the Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction

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Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction appears in literally every single guidebook about Tokyo. I understand why. It’s pretty fascinating to watch about a hundred Japanese men yell, haggle, taste test, and hack up gigantic tuna fish that are twice my weight and cost more than my student loans.

sleep near tsukiji market

However, Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction has an unfortunate characteristic – you have to get there at around 4am to get a lucrative ticket (which is really just a colored vest) to the 5:25am Tuna Auction. Trains don’t run that early. Nor do busses. That means anyone who wants to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market Tuna Auction has to either:

  • Stay in nearby hotel and walk to the market (expensive)
  • Take a taxi from their hotel in Tokyo (also expensive)
  • Have a friend drive them (awesome, but very rare – since there’s basically no parking in the Tsukiji Market)
  • Stay up all night drinking coffee at the 24-hour Jonathan’s Family Restaurant (cheapest, but also means you can’t sleep)
  • Do all night Karaoke (somewhat expensive)
  • Stay in a Manga Cafe (cheap)

I, of course, picked the Manga Cafe. I ended up spending the night at the Com Com Manga Cafe – a nice five minute walk from Tsukiji Market.

Com Com Manga Cafe

For those of you (like me) who have never been to a Manga Cafe – the name is a bit misleading. Yes, it is a place where you can read manga. However, I would go out on a limb and say 80% of the guests never even touch the volumes. I went through four volumes of Detective Conan before I passed out around 1am – aside from the small dent I made in the stacks of books, no one else had taken a single volume.

Com Com Manga Cafe

What can you do at a Manga Cafe?

Most people sleep (especially at night). Other people surf the net. Some people read comics.

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When you enter the Com Com Manga Cafe, you have to pick your “package” (how long you want to stay) and your “room.” The three options for rooms are a “mat” (thin futon kind of like a black gym mat with a computer), a “computer chair” (a reclining chair and computer) or a “reclining chair” (a reclining chair and footstool).

Com Com Manga Cafe

I did some research ahead of time – since I was meeting my friend at 3:45am, I only wanted the three hour package. The price breakdown is:

  • 30 minutes = 250yen
  • 3 hours (between 6am and 5pm) = 500yen
  • 3 hours (after 5pm and before 6am) = 980yen
  • 7 hours = 1500yen
  • Time extension (in case you oversleep) = 100 yen for every fifteen minutes

What are the Manga Cafe Rooms Like?

Simply put, they are wooden cubicles. Except the wood was fake wood, and the door was a small navy curtain. They are in no way soundproof – I learned that the hard way when my neighbor spend the whole three hours snoring like a man about to die.

Com Com Manga Cafe

For a list of Things you Need to Bring to a Manga Cafe (for an overnight), read this helpful article. The shortlist is your passport/foreigner registration card, eyemask, ear plugs, and alarm clock.

Why Com Com Manga Cafe?

Com Com Manga Cafe is a five minute walk from Tsukiji Fish Market, and a ten minute walk from the site of the Tuna Auction. If you take the last train to the Com Com Manga Cafe (Ginza station), you can buy a 3-hour Com Com Manga Cafe “pack” and arrive at the Tsukiji Fish Market with plenty of time to get your vest and watch the tuna auction.

Basically, Com Com Manga Cafe is the cheapest place to get a full-nights sleep before the tuna auction.

Com Com Manga Cafe

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Name: Com Com Manga Cafe
Pricing info: 980yen for 3 hours, 1500yen for 7 hours
Address: 104-0061 東京都中央区銀座4-14-8 佐野ビル3F
Location(s): Ginza,
Phone: (03)5565-5584 (03)5565-5584
Business hours: 24 hours

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7 Responses to “Com Com Manga Cafe – The Cheapest Place to Sleep for the Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction”

  1. Avatar
    Barton Mathews September 22, 2013

    Thanks for the great post, Im currently sitting in the aforementioned cafe based on your post, so thank you for that, its ace. What time did you get over to Tsukiji before the 120 places filled up, whilst you were staying here?

  2. Avatar
    freddyf May 22, 2014

    So, which of the three types of room would you recommend? Does the ‘mat’ room have enough space for gaijin-sized person to lie down?

  3. Avatar
    Marc Alvin Tan July 12, 2015

    price for 3 hrs has just increased to 990

    -source, I just went there 2 days ago 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Marc, did you just walk in or need advance booking?

    • Avatar
      Kirk Miller May 12, 2016

      Here’s the current price list (May 12, 2016) and yes the price has gone to 990 yen.

  4. Avatar
    Kyla Baker September 7, 2015

    Hey, does this cafe have an area to store bags? If I’m coming directly from the airport, I’d rather not have to pay for a hostel AND this cafe if I can just opt for this cafe, if that made any sense…

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