Bad news Cheapos: It’s not just the Japan Rail Pass. More price increases are coming, this time for theme parks, including Tokyo Disney, USJ, and Fuji Q Highlands. All the parks use variable pricing these days and — fortunately — these price hikes only apply to tickets and passes for peak day visits.

Unfortunately, in some cases, peak season means summer. Don’t get caught out: You can still lock in cheaper rates through most of July (and all summer for Tokyo Disney).

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Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney has announced changes to its variable pricing tiers starting October 1, 2023, with the introduction of two new — and more expensive — pricing tiers.

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What does this mean? The cheapest possible 1-Day Pass will still be ¥7,900; however, the most expensive 1-Day Pass will now cost ¥10,900 (instead of just ¥9,400).

Those are adult pass prices, but there will also be price increases for junior pass (for visitors aged 12–17). The prices for child passes (ages 4–11) will remain the same.

Tokyo Disney new price

1-Day Pass typeAdultJunior (12–17)Child (4–11)Booking link
Price after October 1¥7,900¥10,900¥6,600¥9,000¥4,700¥5,600Purchase passes online
Current price¥7,900¥9,000¥6,600¥7,800¥4,700¥5,600Purchase passes online

Tokyo Disney Resort uses variable pricing for both its Tokyo parks (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea). Visiting on the weekend and during holiday periods has always cost more — just from October it will cost even more. The 1-Day Pass is good for either (but only one) pass.

The cheapest time to visit remains the middle of the week in the winter. Find out more ways to save money at Tokyo Disney.

Coming from overseas? Here are the pros and cons of going direct from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disney.

Universal Studios Japan

Osaka’s USJ, home to the world’s first Super Nintendo World theme park, is also introducing a new, higher price tier. During Obon this August, a 1-Day Studio Pass will cost a record-setting ¥10,400. That’s the most expensive price for a USJ ticket to date, topping the current high of ¥9,800.

Child passes (ages 4–11) will also go up, to ¥6,800 from ¥6,400. The cheapest price for a USJ 1-Day Pass remains ¥8,600 for adults (and ¥5,600 for children).

Pro-tip: Last time we checked, you could still purchase passes online for ¥8,600 for weekday visits through July 21. After that, you’re looking at ¥9,500 — or possibly more.

USJ offers various fast pass packages for popular attractions. More tips for buying USJ tickets here.

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Fuji Q Highlands

Fuji Q Highlands, near Mt Fuji, is doing the same, debuting a new price tier for summer 2023. From July 20, the top price for a Free Pass will be ¥7,800 — up from ¥6,800.

There is also a ¥1,000 price increase for high school student and afternoon (entry after 1 p.m.) passes. Prices remain the same for children and junior high school student passes.

Fuji Q, a theme park known for its thrill rides, is also debuting a new roller coaster, Zokkon, on July 20, which probably explains the price hike.

The easiest way of getting from Tokyo to Fuji Q Highlands is usually a highway bus. Fuji Q is near Kawaguchiko, a popular day-trip destination in Fuji Five Lakes.

Pro-tip: You can usually save money by booking a Fuji Q Liner 1-Day Pass when you purchase your passes online. This package includes bus fare at a reduced rate.

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Well Cheapos? What do you think? Don’t forget, there are new attractions like Ghibli Park and Harry Potter Studio Tour to compete for your yen.

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