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Narita to Disney tokyo
Donald summons you. | Photo by skyseeker used under CC

There’s no denying that Disneyland (together with Tokyo Disney Sea) is a super popular destination for visitors to Tokyo. There’s also no denying that getting from Narita to Disney, if you are planning on heading there directly after landing at the airport, can be a bit of a mission. The last limousine bus bound for Tokyo Disneyland leaves the airport at 18:10—what are you supposed to do if you arrive after that? Disneyland is in Maihama, which is Japanese for “the sticks”.

Although we think that you should check out these alternatives to Disney, we also want to help you have a good old cheapo time in Japan—so here’s a guide to practical transport solutions.

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Pro tip: Book your Tokyo Disney tickets online so you’re ready to go.

Airport Limousine Buses

narita to tokyo disney
Airport Limousine Buses bound for Tokyo Disney Resort usually leave from Bus Stop 12 if you’re coming from Terminal 2. | Photo by Hideyuki Kamon used under CC

There are a couple of options for airport limousine buses. They run throughout the day (roughly every 30-60 minutes), but, as we mentioned, the Tokyo Disney Resort one stops running pretty early. The schedule for these buses is the same every day; there are no changes for holidays.

Tokyo Disney Resort Bus

This is the most obvious way to get from Narita to Disney, but it’s only an option for travelers who land and clear customs before 18:10, which is the time the last bus leaves the South Wing of Terminal One. Adult fare is ¥2,450, and the journey takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

The buses usually depart from Bus Stop 5 of Terminal One, 12 of Terminal Two, and 6 of Terminal Three. They are clearly signposted in English and Japanese, so don’t worry about getting lost.

Shin-Urayasu Bus + Taxi

Another option for those who miss the above bus is to take an airport limousine bound for Shin-Urayasu instead, as these run until 20:40. Shin-Urayasu isn’t far from Disney, so you can finish the journey by taxi without it costing a huge sum of money. The buses cost the same and leave from the same stop numbers as the Tokyo Disney Resort Bus.

Check the timetables ahead of your trip to avoid missing the bus and waiting around at the airport.

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narita to tokyo disney
The Keisei Skyliner is one option for getting from Narita to Disney. | Photo by Wei-Te Wong used under CC

There are two main options if you want to take the train instead of a bus. They run much later, but you do have to make at least one transfer, and can be a bit crowded and stressful, especially during rush hour—and especially if you have lots of bags.

Keisei Liner + JR Yamanote + JR Keiyo/Musashino

This is the cheaper option of the two. Take the Keisei Skyliner to Nippori Station—it costs ¥2,470 and takes around 40 minutes. Trains leave from Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2/3 Stations every 40 minutes. You can buy Keisei Skyliner tickets online in advance.

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There are cheaper Keisei trains and other possible transfer points besides Nippori, but unless you’re well-traveled in Japan, we don’t recommend them when you’re trying to get to Disney.

Cheapo tip: Read our full guide to taking Keisei trains!

At Nippori, transfer to the JR Yamanote Line (you’ll need to buy a JR ticket to the value of ¥160) and take it to Tokyo Station (it takes about 10 minutes). Then transfer to either the JR Keiyo or JR Musashino Line (you don’t need to exit the station, just change platforms, and you don’t need a new ticket either) and head to Maihama (15 minutes away).

Narita Express (N’EX) + JR Keiyo/Musashino

The JR Narita Express costs ¥3,020 (look out for tourist discounts online and at the ticket counters) and gets you to Tokyo Station in under 60 minutes. There is usually one train every 30 minutes.

At Tokyo Station, disembark and transfer to the JR Keiyo or JR Musashino Line for Maihama. You can either pay in the fare difference ahead of time, when you purchase your N’EX ticket, or adjust before you exit the gates at Maihama Station.


narita to tokyo disney
*cue “Passenger”* | Photo by naixn

We rarely recommend taxis, as they can be exorbitant. But if you have a big enough group (3-4 people) and some cash to spare, you might (according to anecdotal reports) be able to get to Disney for about ¥5,000¥7,000 per person. Ask for a fare estimate when you book to avoid any nasty surprises—but don’t worry, Japanese taxis can be trusted.

A better option is a shared arrival transfer, which is taxi-like, but less expensive. This shared taxi service runs 24/7 and costs about ¥5,600 per person. They will take you from Narita right to Maihama.

A final idea is to spend the night in Tokyo itself, and head to Disney the next day. If you’re going to be doing that, check out our article on the cheapest ways of getting into Tokyo central.

Before setting off, you might want to have a peek at these ways to save money at Disneyland, and these affordable hotels in the area. Now go and meet Mickey already!

narita to tokyo disney
Photo by skyseeker used under CC

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