There’s no denying that Tokyo Disneyland (together with Tokyo DisneySea) is a super-popular destination. There’s also no denying that getting from Narita Airport to Disney — if you are planning on heading there directly after landing at the airport — can be a bit of a mission.

Funnily enough, neither Tokyo Disney Resort (the collective name for Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea) nor Narita Airport are actually in Tokyo: they are both next door in Chiba Prefecture. However, they’re still about 58 km (36 miles) apart. This means it’s a trek to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disney — no matter which you option you take.

And in a plot-twist, some of the route options will actually take you into central Tokyo, before spinning you back around towards Chiba. Sound complicated? It depends. Let’s talk details.

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Flying into Haneda Airport instead? We’ve got you covered with this guide on getting from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Disney

The best ways to get from Narita to Tokyo Disney

Taking into consideration convenience, price, and ease-of-use, this shared taxi service gets our top recommendation. If you’d prefer a cheaper option, the Limousine Bus is good option, but keep in mind that departures are currently infrequent.

You can also take trains, but the savings aren’t that substantial. Plus, you have to deal with lugging suitcases around while making transfers — definitely not the most fun way to start your holiday.

Narita Airport to Tokyo Disney travel options

TransportCostTravel timeFrequencyNotes
Taxi (private)From ¥24,624 (group of two)50+ minsOn demandBook online
Taxi (shared)~¥7,000 (per person)50+ minsOn demandBook online
Taxi (regular)~¥26,200 (per car)50+ minsOn demandPick up at the curbside taxi stand
Limousine bus¥3,10050+ minsSchedule subject to changeBook online
Train (Keisei Skyliner)~¥2,62065 mins + 2 transfers2-3 per hourBook Skyliner ticket online
Train (Narita Express)¥3,30075 mins + 1 transfer2 per hourInquire at the counter about return ticket deals

Note: Unless otherwise noted all times and prices are calculated based on travel from Narita Airport Terminal 1 to JR Maihama Station (which is the unofficial “gateway” of sorts into Tokyo Disney Resort). Taxis and buses can also be caught from Terminal 2 and 3, while trains also stop at Terminal 2/3 Station. Fares and travel times from Terminal 2 or 3 may be slightly less than from Terminal 1.

Taxis: The most convenient

taxi in tokyo
Hail a cab if convenience is a priority. | Photo by Greg Lane

We seldom recommend taxis, as they can be really expensive. But in this case, taxis are the most convenient option for several reasons.

The case for taking a taxi to Tokyo Disney from Narita Airport

  • You won’t have to navigate public transportation with luggage.
  • Taxis will take you directly to Tokyo Disney Resort — no need to transfer.
  • They depart more frequently than any other option, and at all hours of the day and night.
  • Options include regular cabs and cheaper, pre-booked services.

Pre-booked private taxi to Tokyo Disney

From ¥24,624
50 minutes or more depending on traffic
Book here

If you’re traveling with a large group, this pre-booked private taxi is your best bet. Your driver will track your flight, so you can rest assured they’ll be ready and waiting for you whether you’re on time, early, or late. Then, you’ll be driven directly to your hotel in the Disney Resort area.

Groups of one or two people can book a pick up service for ¥24,624. But the biggest plus is that unlike a normal taxi, you can easily book a car that fits up to eight people and eight pieces of luggage. This will set you back ¥42,012 total.

Pre-booked shared taxis to Tokyo Disney

Approximately ¥7,000 per person
50 minutes or more depending on traffic
Book here

A pre-booked shared taxi service is the best taxi option, as it is more affordable and less hassle than a regular taxi.

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This shared taxi service runs 24/7 and costs about ¥6,921 per person (with a minimum booking of two people).

Keep in mind that because this is a shared taxi service, you may have to wait for up to 1 hour for other passengers to arrive. But otherwise, it’s direct from Narita to your hotel in the Maihama/Disney Resort area.

Regular taxis from Narita Airport

Approximately ¥26,200 per car
50 minutes or more depending on traffic

If you have a big enough group (three to four people) and some cash to spare, you can take a regular taxi. This will get you to Disney for about ¥26,200 total, or about ¥6,550 per person with a group of four.

Keep in mind that there needs to be room in the taxi for you and your luggage, and one benefit of prebooked taxis is that you can ensure a vehicle large enough for all of you and all of your stuff.

You can save a little money by asking the driver to take surface roads (rather than the expressway). This will cost about ¥23,300 but could take upwards of two hours.

Ask for a fare estimate to avoid any nasty surprises — but don’t worry, Japanese taxis can be trusted. There is a standard 20% surcharge between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Got your Disney tickets yet? If not, you can book your Disneyland tickets online to save time later.

Limousine buses: Best value for money

¥3,100 per person
50 minutes or more depending on traffic
Book here

Airport Limousine Buses have similar perks to taxis: no transfers and they’ll drop you right at Disney (or one of the major Disney area hotels). In fact they would usually be our top recommendation; however, unfortunately, since the COVID-19 pandemic the schedule has been greatly reduced.

Limousine bus stopped at Narita Airport
Look for the bright orange bus. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Currently there are only six departures per day between 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. If you’re arriving between those times though, then the Limousine Bus is excellent value for money. One-way costs ¥3,100. You can reserve tickets online. You can also purchase them in-person from bus counters in each terminal, however they may sell out during busy periods.

Looking for accommodation options with easy access to the Disney parks? See our recommendations for good value hotels near TokyoDisney.

Trains from Narita to Tokyo Disney

Keisei Skyliner Express from Narita to Tokyo
The Keisei Skyliner is one option for getting from Narita to Disney. | Photo by

If you want to take the train instead of a bus, there are two main options. Both require backtracking towards Tokyo, and both require (at least) one transfer. Trains can also be a bit crowded and stressful, especially during rush hour — and especially if you have lots of bags.

On the other hand, trains are a more flexible option than the Limousine Bus, if you don’t want to pay extra for a taxi. Trains from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disney run later and much more frequently.

Maihama is the closest station to Tokyo Disney. From there, it’s just under 10 minutes by foot to Disney, or you can hop on the Disney Resort monorail to speed things up.

Pro tip: If you’re traveling with large bags, you can port them from the airport to your hotel for an easier transfer.

Route 1: The cheaper option

¥2,620 if Skyliner ticket purchased online in advance
65 minutes plus transfer time
Keisei Skyliner + JR Yamanote + JR Keiyō/Musashino Lines

This route is cheaper but you’ll have to transfer twice.

Step 1: Keisei Skyliner to Nippori Station

The Keisei Skyliner is a limited express service with reserved seating. It goes from Narita Airport to Nippori Station — the second to last stop — in about 40 minutes.

Trains usually leave from the airport two or three times an hour, with a slightly altered timetable on the weekend. In both cases the last train leaves Terminal 1 Station at 11 p.m.

We recommend buying your Skyliner ticket online in advance for a slightly cheaper ¥2,300. Otherwise, it costs ¥2,570.

Note: There are cheaper Keisei trains and other possible transfer points besides Nippori, but it can become confusing and stressful. Read our full guide to taking Keisei trains to learn more.

Step 2: Nippori Station to Tokyo Station

At Nippori Station, transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to get to Tokyo Station. Technically this involves transfering from Keisei Nippori Station to JR Nippori Station, but the transfer is pretty easy in this case.

Editor’s note: That’s why we don’t recommend taking the Keisei Skyliner all the way to Ueno and getting the Yamanote Line there. You can do that — and it does mean less time on the Yamanote Line; however, it’s a very long, if fairly flat, transfer between Keisei Ueno Station and JR Ueno Station.

You’ll need to buy a JR ticket for ¥320, or use a Suica or Pasmo card.

Unfortunately, the Yamanote Line is central Tokyo’s busy loop line. You really don’t want to try to get on it during rush hour with luggage.

Step 3: Tokyo Station to Maihama Station

At Tokyo Station, transfer to either the JR Keiyō or JR Musashino Line for the 15-minute ride to Maihama. This transfer is easy; you don’t need to exit the station — just change platforms. You don’t need a new ticket either (¥320 covers the whole trip on JR lines).

Route 2: The option with only one transfer

¥3,300 one-way or ¥4,070 round-trip
75 minutes plus transfer time
Narita Express (N’EX) + JR Keiyō/Musashino Lines

This route means more time on trains, but less time transfering. Since both lines are managed by JR, you don’t need to tranfers stations.

Step 1: Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

The Narita Express is another snazzy airport express train, this one going directly from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. The trip takes just under 60 minutes. There is usually one departing every 30 minutes.

The one-way journey to Tokyo Station normally costs ¥3,070 one-way, or just ¥4,070 for a round-trip (within 14 days).

Step 2: Tokyo Station to Maihama Station

At Tokyo Station, disembark and transfer to the JR Keiyō or JR Musashino Line for Maihama Station. This leg of the journey will cost ¥230. You can either pay in the fare difference ahead of time when you purchase your N’EX ticket, or adjust before you exit the gates at Maihama Station.

Things to consider

Another option is to spend the night in central Tokyo, and head to Disney the next day, or after a few days of sightseeing. If you’re going that route, read up on the cheapest ways of getting from Narita into Tokyo central.

You might also want to have a peek at these ways to save money at Disneyland. While you’re at it, why not book your Disneyland tickets online and save some time?

Also, if you’re arriving at Tokyo Disney Resort with luggage, there are coin lockers available for ¥400 to ¥800. But they are first-come-first-serve so you might want to consider having your luggage delivered to your hotel or stored. If you’re staying at a hotel in the area you might want check if they offer luggage storage.

Good to know: Tokyo Disneyland is a short train ride from Tokyo DisneySea on the Tokyo Disney Resort Line monorail.

While we do our best to ensure that everything is correct, information is subject to change. Originally published in October 2016. Last updated in April 2023 by Maria Danuco.


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