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Here’s a fun way to start off your Nippon-infused 2016: with everyone’s guilty pleasure—a list post—of our favorite Tokyo tweeters (or at least Japan related) broadcasting their opinions, anecdotes and banter unto the twitterverse.

I’ve assembled this higgledy-pickeldy list of who I find most interesting, insightful, on topic and funny. Some of the tweeps below have very deep and in-depth knowledge of Japan whilst others are newer, but for their anecdotes I click the heart button in equal measure. I’ve also bunged the lot into a list for ease of following/trolling.

So without further adieu, in no particular order:

Tokyo Cheapo Recommended People Tweeting About Tokyo/Japan

the tokyo files avatar
the tokyo files @thetokyofiles
Salaryman. A biographer of cities, interested in history, art & architecture, Japanese film, cartography, urbanism and mass transit.

St Stev @ststev
Best avatar eva. British scientist based in Kyushuu. Funny.

Brian @Briandotjp
Occasional drunk tweeter, semi-regular tech tweeter and plenty of fun Tokyo/Japan anecdotes.

Mulboyne @Mulboyne
Our favorite tweeter of late: funny, interesting with a healthy dose of cynicism.

kimiecat @kimiecat
Self-proclaimed “tiny cog in the Hollywood machine” + fun anecdotes from Tokyo.

Tokyo Architect
Tokyo Architect @martintokyo
Dutch architect based in Tokyo.

Greg Lane
Greg Lane @cheapogreg
One of our founders, and veteran Tokyo Cheapo.

Vivian Morelli
Vivian Morelli @lostinseoul
A new mom who will hopefully get back to a normal sleeping pattern soon so she can return to her regular job of reporting on the smells on the Keio Line. Also a talented freelance writer who we are unfortunately too cheap to afford.

Alisha (アリーシャ
Alisha (アリーシャ)@ArishaInTokyo
More fun Tokyo anecdotal tweeting.

mrkirkland @mrkirkland
Me! Sporadic pictures of dogs in coats, Engrish and pseudo-philosophical musings.

Gaijinrage @gaijinrage
Bite-sized 140 character doses of rage from the streets of Tokyo. Also raging about tech and politics.

Joseph Tame
Joseph Tame @tamegoeswild
Our favorite British eccentric based in Tokyo. Watch out for the neon flashing head gear/full body apparatus.

JapanCheapo @JapanCheapo
Our sister site for the rest of Japan.

Ako @AkoKitamura
Language teacher tweeting a daily dose of topical Japanese vocab.

Rekishi no Tabi
Rekishi no Tabi @RekishinoTabi
Long-term foreign resident in Japan who really likes Japanese history and taking photos.

Philip Brasor
Philip Brasor @philipbrasor
A writer-for-hire living in Japan and interested in the 4 Ms: movies, music, money, and media.

Shogannai @Shogannai
Everyone’s favorite Japan expert/cynic/basher. Funny, very funny if you’ve been here a while.

Matthew @MSalt69
UK born, Tokyo based. Tweeting politics, news and views from the APAC. Curator of @Japan_Notes.

Alan Nishimura
Alan Nishimura @AsiaChaos
Nice avatar.


Less on anecdote, but more on fact and analysis, below are our journey tweeps:

Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris @observingjapan
Vice President, Teneo Intelligence. Japan analyst.

William Pesek
William Pesek @WilliamPesek
Barron’s Asia executive editor, author of ‘Japanization’, pop culture junkie.

timhornyak @robotopia
Tokyo writer focused on tech, biz, travel, occasional book reviews for @JapanTimes; author, Loving the Machine; ex-IDG, CNET, Lonely Planet.

Justin mccurry
Justin mccurry @justinmccurry
Correspondent for the Guardian & Observer.

Hikosaemon @hikosaemon
Veteran bilingual YouTuber and tweeter, a good all-round Japan expert and entertainer. Originally from NZ.

Richard Lloyd Parry
Richard Lloyd Parry @dicklp
Asia Editor, The Times. Author of ‘People Who Eat Darkness’ and ‘In the Time of Madness’.

Hiroko Tabuchi
Hiroko Tabuchi @HirokoTabuchi
New York Times reporter, awesome journo. Now based in New York, but continues to drop gold nuggets of Japan wisdom and analysis.

Michael Thomas Cucek
Michael Thomas Cucek @MichaelTCucek
A long-term Japaneer and academic with political insight, observation and comic flare for sarcasm.

Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael Fitzpatrick @fitzp
Tokyo-based freelance journalist. BBC online, International NYTs, The Bookseller, and others.

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