You could respond variously to the roasting Tokyo weather. One option is to avoid the heat by seeking solace under the whirling fan of the air conditioner. Alternatively, you can embrace the humidity and enjoy a weekend of picnicking and firework-watching, eating and exploring different cultures.


tokyo summer events
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This is Tokyo’s last major fireworks weekend of the summer—so make your way to these festivals to send the season off with a bang.

Jingugaien Fireworks Festival (Aug 20): A display of 10,000 fireworks over Meiji Jingu Stadium, the most urban venue of Tokyo’s fireworks festivals. More details.

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Tsurumi River Summer Festival (Aug 20): A small fireworks show of 1000 illuminations. Takes place over Tsurumi River in Yokohama. More details.

Tamagawa Fireworks Festival (Aug 20): This is the biggest fireworks festival in the Setagaya area (west Tokyo). This is a popular one, so be sure to get there early and snag some seat space! More details.

Chofu City Fireworks Festival (Aug 21): Another west-sider, this festival will set off 8000 fireworks for a modest crowd of 35,000 people (compared to the millions who attended the Sumida festival just a few weekends ago). More details.

Food and culture festivals

Photo by McKay Savage used under CC

Caribbean Central and South Festival (Aug 20-21): Head to Yoyogi Park’s event square for Caribbean dishes and musical performances. More details.

Oishii Peru Festival (Aug 20-21): Also at Yoyogi Park (along the tree-lined street) is this culture festival with a focus on authentic Peruvian cuisine and performances by traditional artists. More details.

Respect Jamaican Festival (Aug 20-21): Reggae performances, cooking and jewelry-making workshops, an African bazaar and more going down at Hibiya Park. More details.

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