Store closed: Brimmer Beer Box is no more.
Photo by Gregory Lane

The beauty of Brimmer Beer Box is its simplicity.  They serve quality beer in a box for a good price. They don’t sell pizzas, just locally brewed craft beer for 500yen a glass.  While that’s not as cheap as a Kirin in a can from your local convenience store, this is craft beer – the kind of stuff that you pay 1,000yen or more for a glass at other establishments.

Tokyo Cheapo has actually covered this small collection of containers on Aoyama Dori once before.  In July last year, cheapo writer Mine introduced the cafe that occupies the other end from Brimmer Beer Box.  Brimmer’s was not quite open at that stage.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Brimmer’s Brewing’s ‘official beer stand and tasting room’ is now well and truly established with 3 regular brews on tap – a golden lager, a pale ale and a darker porter.  The other pump contains a special or seasonal beer. On my visit, this was an IPA.  There are bags of corn chips available to munch on with the your beer but if you want something a little more substantial, you’ll have to pop next door to pick up some karaage chicken from Irokara.

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If the inside of a shipping container is a bit stuffy for you and you haven’t had too many to negotiate the stairs, you can take your drinks on to the semi-open air terrace on the roof of the container. You can even get a ‘jumbo pitcher’ for 3,500 yen so you can stay put.  Although not the right vessel for relaxing on the terrace, they do have one other glass size if you’re up to the challenge – a yard glass (more like half a yard) that holds 2 and a half pints for 1,000yen.

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