*IMPORTANT* Please note that all Aunt Stella cafes in Tokyo are now permanently closed. It’s possible to buy cookies in the Ikebukuro and Kichijoji stores, but no dine-in or all-you-can-eat service available. Cafes are still open in other parts of Japan.

So pretty much everyone likes cookies, and everyone likes a buffet—and now these two things have been gloriously combined at Aunt Stella’s – all you can eat cookies, a chain even if it sounds like it shouldn’t be.

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, these are not American-style cookies, they are definitely very Japanese. This doesn’t mean bad, but don’t expect the big, chewy chocolate chip cookies you have been craving. These are small, round simple biscuits, but with a hell of a lot of flavor varieties. With over 20 options including seasonal ranges and some colorful creations, you won’t be left bored.

The biscuits can be bought individually or to take away, but the buffet exists, so you know…

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For 880 yen you can enjoy 60 minutes of unlimited access to the cookies, inventively named the Cookie Viking, which also includes a drink (they have milk, fear not). Drink refills are only 104 yen, so you can be confident nothing will stop you from making the most of the available biscuits.

The flavors are definitely varied; there are some strange fruity ones like salted pineapple, and a cute-looking watermelon, but also lots of traditional options like chocolate chip, coconut and plain butter. A couple of savory options help give you a sweetness break: the basil was actually deliciously crumbly (but the lack of a simple cheese biscuit felt like an error so grave forgiveness was near impossible). There is possibly more variety in design than taste, and you may find an hour seems like quite a long time, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth you’ll be in your element!

There are plenty of locations for Aunt Stella’s across Tokyo, but be sure to head to one with a cafe (like the Shibuya location), otherwise you will be forced to eat a normal amount of cookies.

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