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Everyone knows Tsukiji for its massive fish market—the largest in the world. And since plans to relocate it are currently in a limbo zone of uncertainty, it is still the fishiest place in Tokyo (in a good way).

Where to eat and drink in Tsukiji

If you don’t want to eat seafood, you’re in the wrong part of Tokyo. In the outer market (jōgai-shijō), you can find all kinds of sushi/seafood restaurants. Our picks include Sushi Katsura, and Sushizanmai, a chain with several branches right by the market. And our secret favorite eating spot is in this article here.

What to do in Tsukiji

If you don’t want to read our spiel below and just care about the market, read our tips for visiting here.

Well, it’s kinda obvious, but GO TO THE MARKET. While it’s free to enter, know that the inner market (jōnai-shijō) has many restricted areas. There are also places to shop for kitchen tools and groceries (especially seafood, obviously) alongside restaurants.

A lesser-known attraction you should see is the Tsukiji Hongan-ji, a Buddhist temple with a South Asian-influenced design.

Booking a guided gastronomic tour is a great way to experience the market.

Where to stay in Tsukiji

We think there are areas with better accommodations for tourists. But if you want to eat sushi in the area every day, we applaud your love of fish and recommend Tokyu Stay.

And if you just want to stay close to the market for a night, try Com Com Manga Cafe, which is only five minutes away.

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