Kameido Tenjin is a large Shinto shrine with extensive gardens and turtle-filled ponds. It’s best known for the annual wisteria festival.

One of many shrines built accross Japan to appease the soul of banished politician Sugawara no Michizane, it is favored by those looking for success in examinations. Its arched moon bridge is a famous sight, especially when framed by the famous purple wisteria which blooms roughly from mid-April to early May.

The festival is a fantastic time to visit the shrine as there are food stalls and games to enjoy along with the floral appreciation. These aren’t the only flowers to admire here however, as from mid-February to mid-March there is a plum blossom festival with over 300 trees to admire. Try out the plum-themed food stalls and enjoy the first signs of spring!

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If you’re not here during either of these festivals, the shrine is still worth a visit as it has relaxing gardens and an impressive main building. Although the original structures were lost in the bombing of WW2, the new buildings have been faithfully designed in their predecessor’s image.

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