Chosen to host the boxing competition for the 2020 Olympics, the Kokugeikan is a Sumo wrestling hall used for a variety of events.

First built in 1909 thanks to the growing popularity of Sumo in the Meiji-period, the original hall was occupied by the Japanese military in WW2. Over the subsequent years of occupation it became a skating rink and only a couple of tournaments were held, as although a martial art, Sumo was seen as a less-threatening sport. A new building was eventually built in 1954 in a different area of Tokyo before the current building replaced it in 1985. Bordering the Ryogoku area but technically in Yokoami, it is an area rich in Sumo history, with a museum and plenty of restaurants adhering to the theme. These days the hall hosts some rather modern verions of the sport like the New Japan Pro Wrestling tournaments as well as WWE’s The Beast in the East event.

Kokugikan Arena
Photo by Tokyo 2020

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