Kiba Park (木場公園 kiba kōen) is a large park in the eastern Koto Ward of Tokyo Prefecture.

The name ‘Kiba” literally means “tree place” – which is exactly what it was. A large part of the park was taken up with Tokyo’s major lumber yard. Logs were barged to Kiba and floated in a pond for storage and sorting. This tradition lives on in the annual Koto Ward Citizen’s festival in which performers balance and perform tricks on floating logs in a pond in the middle of the park.

The northern end of the park is home to the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art. Additionally, there are paddling pools for the kids to enjoy in summer and regular events held in the square near the impressive suspension bridge which spans the canal which dissects the northern and southern sections of the park.

A visit to the park can be combined with a coffee at any one of the numerous hipster cafes in the Kiyosumi area to the west of the park

An interesting fact about the park is that there is a shunting yard for storing train sets for the nearby Oedo Line located directly beneath the park. Even open space is utilized to the fullest in Tokyo.