Stretched across Tokyo Bay from Shibaura Pier to the Odaiba Waterfront, the Rainbow Bridge is a brightly lit suspension bridge familiar from TV, films and manga. The white bridge columns are illuminated on special occasions such as Christmas using solar power collected during the day. Built in 1993 and limited in height by its proximity to Haneda Airport, the bridge has two decks: one for the expressway and one for the Yurikamome Line and Tokyo Prefectural Route 482.

There are walking options on either side of the lower deck, and you’ll get some great views, but you’ll be paying for them with lung function. The distance is about 1.7km and takes roughly 30 minutes—the north side will give views of the Tokyo harbor and  Tokyo Tower,  while views from the south include Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji if you’re lucky. See our full guide on walking the Rainbow Bridge.

You are forbidden from cycling across the bridge; when crossing the bridge with a push bike, a small piece of wood is attached to the bike wheels and removed once you leave.

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