Whether you’ve had a long day exploring or a long night dancing, seeing the city skyline in the warm glow of a Tokyo sunset or sunrise is an unbeatable way to finish your adventure.

Tokyo Sunset
Photo by Kwkd used under CC

With plenty of high-rise buildings and towering office blocks, it may seem like there are plenty of great spots to see the sun. Unless you’ve spent a miss-guided early morning walking the streets to find an accessible rooftop after a night out though, you  may not know it is more difficult than it looks.While the skyscrapers provide vantage points, they also block off the light, and are often themselves blocked off by the surliest of security guards and sturdiest of gates. Alas, it is not always possible, but with our help it can be. To check the times of sunrise and sunset in Tokyo you can use this handy link here (change the months at the bottom of the page). Do note that there are no daylight saving changes here, so sunsets are often very early and therefore more difficult to see at venues with opening hours. However, there are still plenty of places to get a view, so here are the best spots to see what gives the Land of the Rising Sun its name….

1) Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory | Sunset

Sunshine 60 observatory
Photo by Guilhem Vellut used under CC

Note: Sky Circus closed in October 2022 for rennovations. It is scheduled to reopen in 2023.

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With a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo from 251m above sea level, the observatory floor is specially designed to make the most of the amazing views it has to offer. With special treats like the Kaleido Scape and Sky Bridge as well as VR experiences, this is the most modern and interactive way to experience sunset anywhere in Tokyo. Located on the 60th floor, the views are clear and impressive, although it’s easy to get distracted up there! The price may be a put-off for a casual sun spot but if you’re after a good date spot or more (exciting!), this could be worth the extra yen.

Entry: 1,800 yen | Open: 10am – 10pm | Nearest Station: Ikebukuro/Higashi Ikebukuro | Further details here

2) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building | Sunset

Sunset from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building | Photo by iStock.com/Nikada

Nothing beats free, and with a view like this there’s no better spot to watch the sunset in Tokyo. With panoramic views across the city including all the way to Fuji, the government building observatories are located on the 45th floors of the towers. The North Observation Deck is open until 11pm, but last entry is at 10:30pm and is better located for a view of the sunset.  Although there are no fancy VR headsets or glass floors, the simple view of the sun setting behind the cityscape is good enough for anyone.

Entry: Free | Open 9:30am – 5pm (South) and 10:30pm (North), The North Tower is closed on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, the South Tower is closed on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday | Nearest Station: Shinjuku | Further details here

3) Kasai Rinkai Park | Sunrise and Sunset

Kasai Rinkai Park Sunrise
Photo by ptrktn

As the largest park in Tokyo, Kasai Rinkai is located just across from Tokyo Disney Resort on the Edogawa River. With a Ferris wheel, aquarium, nature walks and an observatory, the park is a great place to escape the city and offers a different view to most sunset spots in Tokyo. The giant observation rest point is called Crystal View and was built in 1995, offering views across the park and Tokyo Bay, with plenty of room for keen photographers. Since the park is open 24 hours a day, you can view either the sunset or sunrise (pictured above) here. It is only 10-15 minutes from Tokyo Station, you can easily make it in time for sunrise.

Entry: Free | Open: 24/7 | Nearest Station: Kasai Rinkai Koen Station | Further details available here

4) Tokyo City View at Roppongi Hills | Sunset

Roppongi Cityview Sunset
Photo by Kanesue used under CC

Located in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo City View is located on the 52nd Floor of the building and offers incredible views across the city. The floor-to-ceiling windows are breathtaking and have three main galleries. Sky Gallery 1 offers sights of Tokyo Tower, SkyTree and Odaiba Rainbow Bridge, Sky Gallery 2 has views of Fuji and Yokohama and Sky Gallery 3 looks out across Shibuya and Shinjuku. Sky Gallery 3 is the best for sunset and from Gallery 2 you can see Fuji bathed in the red glow of evening.

On the rooftop is the SkyDeck, the tallest observation deck in the Kanto region with incredible panoramic views. This costs an additional 500 yen and is more dependent on good weather.

Pro tip: Skip the queue and buy tickets to Tokyo City View online.

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Entry: 1,800 yen on the door, 1500 in advance, plus 500yen for entry to Skydeck | Open: 10am-11pm (weekdays and holidays), 10am-1am Fridays and Saturdays, Skydeck – 11am-8pm | Nearest Station: Roppongi Station (1C)

5) Mount Fuji |Sunrise and Sunset

Fuji Sunrise
Photo by Azlan DuPree used under CC

Whether you climb in the day for the sunset or overnight for the sunrise, either way this is probably one of the most hard-earned and impressive sights in Japan, if not the world. Climbing is only allowed in the summer season, and although you can ‘bullet-climb’ it is discouraged due to risks or climbing in the dark. There are huts to stay at along the way and you can do the final chunk in the morning if you want to see sunset. However, your hard work does not guarantee a view. You may be rewarded with a stunning orange sky and rising/setting sun—or you may see nothing but grey clouds and your own misery (or was that just me?). So it’s a risk, but if you wanted to climb it anyway,you might as well time it for one or the other and hope for the best!

Entry: Blood, sweat and tears | Open: July 1st/10th – Sept 10th | Nearest Station: Fuji 5th station (bus stop) | More details available here

6) Haneda Airport Rooftop Decks | Sunrise and Sunset

Haneda Sunset
Photo by Junpei Abe used under CC

Now, I’m not saying travel here just for the sunset, but if you are already at Haneda Airport this would be a pretty good way to say hello or goodbye to the Land of the Rising Sun. Terminal 1 has an observation deck on the 6th floor, Terminal 2 has one of the 5th floor, and Terminal 3 (the international terminal) also has a deck on the 5th floor. Head to the open rooftop observation deck in Terminal 1 for the best views (as long as it’s not raining). Here you can see planes, skies and the city and enjoy a breath of fresh air (maybe?). The decks in Terminals 1 and 2 are open from 6:30am so from late-November to mid-February, while the Terminal 3 deck is open 24 hours you can catch the sunrise (and sunset throughout the year).

Entry: Free | Open: 6.30am – 10pm | Nearest Station: Haneda Terminal 1 or 2 stations | More details available here.

7) Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama | Sunrise and Sunset

Osanbashi Sunrise
Photo by Aotaro used under CC

Another great free option but not in Tokyo, the purpose-built Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama has incredible views of the city and sea throughout the day. With grassy hills, benches and plenty of seating spots, the place is popular with groups of friends and dates, with truly fantastic views of the city skyline fading into orange. In the morning you can see the sunrise across the sea which is an equally stunning view. The pier is a great area in the evening with plenty of opportunities for a romantic stroll, cute cafes and bars nearby as well as being within walking distance of Chinatown and the Kannai district.

Entry: Free | Open: 24/7 | Nearest Station: Nihon-Odori Station | More details available here.

8) Meguro Sky Garden | Sunset

One of the more unusual spots in the city, this rooftop escape is a 400-meter-long looped garden  on the roof of an expressway junction. You can see Mt. Fuji (with the permanent “on a clear day” of course) and across the city. Although it is not as high as some famous towers, the view is pretty impressive nonetheless. Depending on the time of year, there is sometimes a nearby building slightly in the way, but it’s not enough to spoil the view. Sunrise is unfortunately always before 7am, but you can catch sunset here throughout the year, as it is at its latest in July at around a minute or two after 7pm.

Entry: Free | Open: 7am-7pm (5pm in winter) | Nearest Station: Ikejiri-Ohashi | More details available here.

9) Rainbow Bridge Odaiba |Sunrise and Sunset

Odaiba at dusk. | Photo by Gregory Lane

For incredible, free, outdoor views of Tokyo Bay then these are two great spots in Odaiba. You can cross Rainbow Bridge on foot and enjoy the changing light or admire it from the nearby Daiba or Harumi parks. Although this location may be a little out of the way, after a day exploring Odaiba or a night out at ageHa, this is a pretty perfect way to round off an adventure.

Entry: Free | Open: 24 hours | Nearest Station: Daiba, or Shibaurafuto

10) Hayama Beach | Sunset

Hayama Beach
Photo by Tedd Okano used under CC

For the most romantic option straight from a Japanese TV drama, head to Hayama Beach near Kamakura for a breathtaking sunset with views of Fuji. Nicknamed the pink sunset, the view from the beach is vast and impressive, with views straight across the bay. The beach has restaurants and stalls, but most are only open in the summer.

Entry: Free | Open: 24/7 | Nearest Station: Zushi Station, take the number 12 bus from stop 3 heading to Hayama | More details available here

Honorable mentions

Tokyo Skytree Sunset
Photo by T. Kiya used under CC

Disney |Sunset

By no means a cheapo option, but pretty impressive nonetheless, if you’re a Disney Fan (or not) this is a pretty picturesque view.  With Cinderella’s Castle silhouetted against the sun, with no doubt some kind of parade going on around you, it’s a pretty magical sight.

Entry: 7,400<yen | Open: 8am/8:30am-10pm | Nearest Station: Tokyo Disney Land | More details available here

Shinjuku Gyoen | Sunset

If you can find a spot on the grassy hill by the Middle Pond, with views towards the NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building, it’s a wonderful chance to see the sunset-lit skyline (but only in winter).

Entry: 200 yen | Open: 9am-4:30pm, closed Mondays | Nearest Station: Shinjukugyoen-mae | More details available here

Tokyo Skytree | Sunset

One of the most famous spots in Tokyo, of course the SkyTree has amazing sunset views of Tokyo (pictured above). The tower has two decks, one at 350m and one at 450m, making them the highest in Japan. The prices are high too though, The Tembo Deck at 350m costs 1,800 yen for adults plus an additional 900 yen to go to the higher deck. There are “fast tickets” which let you skip the line, but again costs more. Pro tip: Book your tickets online to save time.

Entry: 1,800 yen | Open: 8am-10pm (last entry 9pm) | Nearest Station: Oshiage or Tokyo SkyTree Station | More details available here

Park Hyatt Tokyo

If you’re after a fancy jazz bar setting with a sunset view and don’t mind shelling out a little above the usual, the New York bar on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo has grand views and great drinks menu. There are live performances every night so if you have a certain question to ask this could be a nice romantic spot for it…. just saying. But there is a table charge of 2,400 yen from 8pm Mon-Sat and from 7pm on Sundays, so be warned.

Entry: Free technically, but prices are high | Open: 5pm – 12am Sun-Weds, until 1am Thurs-Sat | Nearest Station: Minami-Shinjuku or Shinjuku. More details available here

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