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Sanrio Puroland is like Disneyland — in terms of shows and costumed characters — but for fans of Hello Kitty (and other Sanrio characters). Unlike Disneyland, Sanrio Puroland is indoors, which makes it a great rainy day option. As for rides, there are only a couple of very chill ones; this theme park is more about immersing yourself in the characters’ worlds.

Sanrio Puroland tickets

A Passport Ticket to Sanrio Puroland covers admission and access to all attractions. It should be purchased in advance online, where you’ll get the best price. Prices are seasonal, ranging from ¥3,600 to ¥4,900 for adults (and ¥2,500¥3,800 for children), but we’ve seen tickets online for as low as ¥2,800.

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Getting to Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland is a 5-minute walk from Keiō Tama Center Station. From Shinjuku Station, take a Keiō Line express train bound for Hashimoto, which travels to Tama Center in about 30 minutes. This costs ¥330 each way.

If there’s a long wait for a Hashimoto-bound train, take any express as far as Chōfu and then transfer for a train the rest of the way to Keiō Tama Center Station. (This also works if you get on the wrong train). Whatever you do, don’t take a local train, which will take forever.

While we do our best to ensure information is correct, pricing and other details are subject to change.