The Tokyo Cheapo Story

Founded in April 2012 by hobo entrepreneur Chris Kirkland and 14 year Tokyo tech veteran Greg Lane, Tokyo Cheapo was a blog created to dispel the myth that Tokyo is extremely expensive, and help cheapos all over the world come visit or live here on a budget. The site has gone from strength to strength, it now has over 50 thousand readers each month and growing plus a healthy roster of cheapo writers contributing to the site.


We’re not just about getting the absolute lowest price – we’re about getting the best value, so we’re always on the look out for hacks and tricks to get stupidly good value.

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Get a Discount on Long-term Portable Wifi
One of the easiest options for long-term internet in Japan is the Unlimited Plan from our partner, Tokyo Cheapo readers get a discount on the monthly price. ...

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  • Founded April 2012
  • Over 54K unique visitors each month
  • Publishing articles 4 – 5 times a week
  • Featured on NHK TV (Japanese public network)
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