Antenna America is the tap-room for Nagano Trading – the company that is responsible for importing some of the top brands of craft beer from the United States.

Hidden away on the 5th and 6th floors of a nondescript office building is the main store of Antenna, which has now expanded to three branches.

Antenna America Refrigerators
Photo by Gregory Lane

The interior has a sports clubhouse feel to it – with tiled carpet and standing tables. You can either choose from the varieties on tap, or grab a can or bottle from one of the refrigrators. Prices start at ¥500 and all prices include consumption tax.

Among the brands on tap and in the refrigerators are Stone, Bear Republic, Lagunitas, and Ballast Point. The concept is American craft beer, so don’t expect to see any Japanese or European brewers on tap in the refrigerators.

The entrance can be a little difficult to find – look for the chalkboard.

Entrance to Antenna America's building
Photo by Gregory Lane

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