Synchronicity is a craft beer and cocktail bar in Yokohama with a dozen beers on tap—all of them Japanese. It’s a classic Japanese-style bar, with 14 seats and no separate smoking area. Evidently the owner is a fan of The Police, as the music choices and wall decorations consisted almost entirely of Sting and The Police material.

Synchronicity interior
Photo by Gregory Lane

Beer is served in three different sizes: small (280 ml), medium (360 ml) and large (568 ml). The large size is of course a British pint. Prices for each run from ¥650 to ¥800 for small, ¥800 to ¥1,050 for medium, and ¥1,200 to ¥1,400 for a pint.

Brewers on tap at the time of our visit included a variety of Japanese makers, including North Island, Aoi Brewing, Kakegawa Farm Brewing, Kyoto Brewing, Numazu Craft, Hop Kotan Brewing, Marca, and Shiga Kogen.

Synchronicity exterior
Photo by Gregory Lane

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